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Educational work of curators - advisers of the Department of Language and General Education Training of Foreigners of Al - Farabi KazNU

Educational work of curators - advisers of the Department of Language and General Education Training of Foreigners of Al - Farabi KazNU

Department of linguistic and educational training of foreigners of al - Farabi Kazakh National University is one of the first and best departments in Kazakhstan for teaching foreign students in various programs of pre - university training.
A unique methodological school of teaching Russian as a foreign language and Kazakh as a foreign language (RFL) has been created at the department. In a few months of training you can learn a language at the level (A2 - B2), which allows not only to communicate in society, but also to study at the main faculties of the University, along with native speakers. In order to achieve such high results in training foreign students, the faculty members create textbooks and tutorials and develop innovative teaching aids. The faculty places a great emphasis on the educational (extracurricular) work, so that the student life of our international students is bright and memorable.
Educational work is an organic part of educational process of the department, directed on realization of tasks of formation and development of culture of the future specialists.
The main task of educational work with students is to create the conditions for the active life of students, self - determination and self - realization, as well as the maximum satisfaction of the needs of students in the intellectual, spiritual, moral and cultural development.
Educational work at the department of language and general educational training of foreigners is realized in the following directions:
- assistance to first - year students in adapting to new conditions of life and study;
- work of chair teachers as curators of groups;
- organization of students' free time;
- creation of favorable microsocial environment for personal growth and self - realization;
- fostering the need for healthy lifestyles (joint recreation of teachers and students in nature, discussions about healthy lifestyles, participation in sports and recreational activities);
- formation of personal qualities necessary for effective professional activities, self - development and competitiveness of future specialists in the context of globalization and internationalization of the world community.
The system of educational work at the department of language and general education training of foreigners provides:
1. organization of psychological and preventive work: the adaptation of first - year students (meetings with the curator, introducing students to the rich traditions and history of the country, city, university and department, the features of the educational process at the university, the law "On Higher Education", the University Charter, the Rules of Internal Regulations, the Rules of Residence in the dormitory).
As a part of this work the curators - advisers of groups of the Department of language and general educational training of foreigners annually visit with students the historical museums of the University and conduct an introduction to the library departments, election of the group activists, questionnaires. Talks are conducted with foreign students on strengthening academic discipline, current issues of domestic and foreign policy of the university, on moral, cultural, aesthetic education, discussion of the results of examinations.
2. cultural and creative activities:
Student life is not only a process of mastering knowledge and professional skills, but also an important stage of formation and development of personal culture, determining its future socio - cultural status. The organization of students' leisure time plays an important role in the educational process; therefore the aim of the cultural and creative activity is to raise the cultural level and involve most of the students in the active creative life. Listeners take an active part in holding open curatorial hours, contests, holidays, concerts in the university at the faculty, in the department. Such events include:
- Open Doors Day
- Day of Kazakh Languages
- Dedication to students
- Contest of students' literary work
- Nauryz - celebration of Spring and Renewal
- Student Spring
- Independence Day
- National Cuisine Festival
- Graduation festival "Goodbye and see you soon!

It is necessary to notice that educational - educational work on chair of language and general educational preparation of foreigners is constructed taking into account necessity of all - round development of the person of students, to include development of knowledge of languages (Russian and Kazakh), mastering of skills and practical application of the got knowledge and abilities.

Kazmagambetova A. S., Sadenova A. E.
teachers of the department of language and
General Education of Foreigners at the Department of Linguistic
and Educational Training al - Farabi Kazakh National University
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