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Knowledge of languages is the door to wisdom

“Knowledge of languages is the door to wisdom" (Roger Bacon)

On September 5, the Day of Languages of the People of the country is celebrated in the Republic of Kazakhstan. This unique date is a symbol of the country's desire to respect all nationalities and ethnic groups living in Kazakhstan, respect for their culture, history, traditions.
It is difficult to overestimate the significance of this holiday. It is well known that the boundless territory of our country has historically become the Homeland for many and many peoples. By the will of fate, representatives of 130 nationalities live here. All of them have the opportunity to develop their language, honor national traditions, and represent their unique culture. In our difficult time of global and regional conflicts shaking various regions of the world, the ability to implement a policy aimed at preserving tolerance, respect, and pride in the achievements of each ethnic group in the humanitarian sphere is important. It is necessary not only to contemplate the processes in spiritual life, but also to seriously study and develop them. Not at the declarative level, but to thoroughly master the heritage of our ancestors, who bequeathed us a multinational state.
Teachers of the Department of Language and General Education Training of Foreigners of Al - Farabi Kazakh National University are particularly attentive to this date. The listeners who arrived from different countries of the world are interested in everything related to the state where they decided to study Kazakh and Russian. In their daily activities, teachers working in a foreign audience constantly focus students' attention on the friendliness of Kazakhstan's foreign policy, which is based on creating conditions for the development of languages and cultures of all living in our country. The training program provides for mandatory acquaintance with Kazakh and Russian culture equally. In turn, foreign listeners are happy to talk about what are the peculiarities of the cultures of the countries they come from.
Thematic events dedicated to the Day of Languages of the People of Kazakhstan are held by the curators of the groups throughout September. Students from China, Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Turkey and other countries will learn that the date of September 5th is timed to the birthday of the great son of the Kazakh people, scientist, Turkologist, educator, Akhmet Baitursynov. Foreign citizens get acquainted with the biography of the genius, his contribution to the development of the Kazakh language, to the education system, as well as the influence of his ideas on modern life. All this helps foreign students to better understand the realities of the country in which they arrived for training. A visit to the Akhmet Baitursynov Museum clearly shows the respect with which this outstanding personality is treated in Kazakhstan. Moreover, the building where students study is located very close to A. Baitursynov Street. "In order to preserve our independence, we must strive with all our might and means for enlightenment and a common culture," wrote the great educator. This and other thoughts of A. Baitursynov are more relevant than ever today.
The teachers of Russian and Kazakh languages of the Department of Language and General Education see their mission not only in teaching the language, but also in cultivating a sense of deep respect for everything connected with our country among young people.

A. K. Akhmedova
senior lecturer of the Department of Language
and General Education Training of Foreigners
Al - Farabi KazNU
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