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Features of educational work with foreign students

Features of educational work with foreign students
Foreign citizens, who come to study in Kazakhstan from other countries, from the first days of their stay at university are in an unfamiliar for them socio - cultural, linguistic and national environment. They are forced not only to master their studies at a higher educational institution, but also to adapt to a completely unfamiliar socio - cultural space in a very short period of time.
An important role in the process of adaptation to life in Kazakhstan and study at Al - Farabi Kazakh National University is fulfilled by the Dean's Office for work with foreign students of the Faculty of Pre - University Education, teachers of the Department of language and general education training of foreigners, compatriots and a curator - adviser.
Our department's guidance counselors - advisers help students master the situation and accomplish the following tasks:
- assist international students in adapting to the educational system, everyday life
social - cultural environment, internal regulations and traditions of the department and the university;
- team building by organizing joint classroom and extracurricular work in the process of intercultural communication of students;
- provide motivation in studying Russian (Kazakh) language and perception of other life values and reference points in conditions of multicultural communication;
- prevent students from inadaptation and related various forms of deviations and norms of behavior;
- act as an intermediary between the administration of the educational system and the students of the group and create conditions for an adequate response to the requirements and requests.
In the dormitory teachers give talks about the rules of residence, fire safety prevention, the need to observe proper sanitary - hygienic regime, the rules of safety on the streets of the city, etc. Also, individual conversations with students are held, during which the level of social well - being of students is assessed including the factors that have a positive and negative impact on the process of adaptation of students, the level of interethnic tolerance in the student environment, students' preferences in spending free time, and their other personal problems.
The process of adaptation to the new socio - cultural environment, to life and learning in Kazakhstan takes place both during the learning process and during the extracurricular activities, which contributes to the acceleration of this process, contributes to the development of students' speech, expansion of understanding of the culture of the country of the studied language, aesthetic and ethical education of foreigners, and speech and socio - cultural competence.
Foreign students with interest get acquainted not only with the culture of the Russian people, but also with the history of Kazakhstan, traditions, customs, life of the Kazakh people. In order to acquaint students with Kazakh reality and cultural values of Kazakhstan visits to museums, exhibitions, concerts, theaters, circus, sports and entertainment centers are organized, as well as outing trips to cultural and historical places of Almaty, region and republic: to Medeo, Chimbulak, Issyk Lake, Charyn, Turkestan, Astana and etc.
Foreign students actively participate in events, parties, contests held by department and faculty: "Let's get acquainted", "Festival of national cuisine", "Earth is our common home", "Student spring", "Nauryz Meyramy", "Olympiad in Russian language", sport competitions and etc.
Extracurricular activities help international students to integrate into another culture through perception of language and culture, understanding of mentality, national traditions and customs, interpersonal relations.
Educational work carried out with foreign students motivates them to learn and contributes to the formation of their interest in language learning, fosters a tolerant attitude towards representatives of other nationalities and cultures.

K. S. Yakubaeva, A. S. Aitpayeva, A. Е. Sadеnova
Chair of language training education of foreigners,
Faculty of Pre - university Education,
Al - Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty, Kazakhstan
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