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Long - term plan unit: Unit 2: Living things
Grade: 5
Theme of the lesson: Animals
Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to 5. W3 write with support factual descriptions at text level which describe people, places and objects
5. S6. communicate meaning clearly at sentence level during, pair, group and whole class exchanges
5. L6 deduce meaning from context in short, supported talk on an increasing range of general and curricular topics

Lesson objectives: All learners will be able to
• describe the animals at sentence level during pair work;
• understand and write main facts about animals;
Most learners will be able to
• use topic factual descriptions about animals at text level;
• understand and deduce meaning on an increasing range of general topic

Some learners will be able to
• use active vocabulary clearly at extended text level;
• write and communicate meaning with no support.
Assessment criteria
• Learners have met 5. W3 learning objectives if they can write or fill in the table using the information given there and answer the questions;
• Learners have met 5. S6. learning objectives if they clearly talk about parts of animals body (at least 5 facts) using 10 new words;
• Learners have met 5. L6 learning objectives if they can deduce meaning from context while listening, use active vocabulary about animals;

Value links: this theme connected with protecting environment and living things around us;
Cross curricular links Biology, Geography
ICT skills: Learners useonline dictionaries if necessary, using videos, PPT;
Previous learning: Living things: Plants

Beginning 2 min
Greet learners and ask them take their places;
Ask learners how they are today;
Go through lesson objectives;

To show the video about animals and ask learners what about is this video.

1. What is this video about?
2. How do you think what are you going to learn today?
Introduction of the topic ‘Animals’

Elicit from the learners what animal they know, brainstorm their ideas.
Introduce animals (parts of the animal’s body etc.) and out learners’ pronunciation

5. W3.(I, W) Write three facts you remember from the vocabulary.
Hand out the worksheets to think about a fantasy with animals.

5. S6. Speaking (W)

5. L6. Work with the text. (G)
Dynamic break: Ask learners to come to the middle of the class.
Learners are suggested to watch a short story.
Pre - watching:
Ask learners to watch and remember all the animals.
While watching:
Stop the story and ask what they have understood.
After watching:
Learners are given worksheets where they are to circle all the animals which were in the cartoon.
1. What is the name of the story?
2. What is the story of the film?
3. What animals are in the film and what are
their names?
4. What do you think about the film?
(Whole class feedback)
Formative assessment (I)
Write a short story using the picture below. Follow the instructions:
1. Give a title to the story.
2. Make up a short plan.
3. Write the main idea.
4. Give three details.
5. Write a summary sentence.
6. Use your draft organizer.
7. Follow the layout structure.
8. Write a short essay.

Summary graphic organizer
Title _______________________
Main idea: ________________________________________
Cirсle the 3 most important words in the main idea and then write them here:
_____________ ________________ _________________

Three important details:

Summary of the passage in one sentence:_____________________________________

A learner
•writes a short essay;
•uses appropriate layout;
•keeps the format of a given genre.

The teacher shows the answer on the board.
To write an essay about endanger animals.

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