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Be quite

Grade: 2
Theme of the lesson: Be quiet!
The aims of the lesson:
• To teach the use of the 3rd person present simple.
a. Educational: presentation of the lesson about “Be quiet!”, to train new words and discussion an English language.
b. Developing: to develop the pupil’s habits of the oral speech, to develop pupil’s creative and logical abilities, understanding, reading and writing, grammar and lexical skills.
c. Bringing – up: to bring up interest to the subject to respect each other, to create an English atmosphere in the classroom.

The type of the lesson: new lesson
Methods of teaching: practical, work with book, training, question, answer.
The equipment of the lesson: cards
Inter – subject connection: Kazakh

I. Organization moment:
a. Greetings:
• Good afternoon pupils!
• Good afternoon teacher!
• How are you?
• I am OK!
• Sit down, please.
b. A talk about on duty today:
• Who is on duty today?
• We are on duty today.
• Who is absent today?
• All are present. (… is/are absent)
c. A talk about the date:
• What date is it today?
• Today is the _________________.
• What day is it today?
• ______________________

II. Phonetic drills:
• Do you ready for the lesson?
• Yes, we do
• Let’s we start our lesson.
Sing a song: ABC
Come and sing along with me
Tell me what you want to be
Y and Z
Now I know my ABCs
Next time won't you sing with me
• Before we begin, we must answer this questions:
• How do you come to school? By bus, by car, by bike, on foot?
• ……………………………………
• How do you go home?
• ………………………………………..
• OK! Today we can see a friend of Jim’s goes to school. Open your books and write down please. Our new theme is “Be quiet!”

III. The presentation of the new theme:
• What is there in the mountains?
• Is it hot or cold?
• What can you do in the mountains?
New words:
Avalanche – қар көшкіні
Circle – шеңбер
Egg – жұмыртқа
Enormous - үлкен
Farm – ферма
Goat – ешкі
Mountain – тау
Ski – шаңғы
Snow – қар
Winter – қыс
Year – жыл
Collect – жинау
Feed – жем, тамақтандыру
Far – алыс
Quiet – тыныш, тыныштық сақтаңыздар
Exercise 1, page 18. Listen and follow. Is Sally happy?
I will be read and translate the text.
1 / 2 where are the children? (At Su’s house). Where does Sally live? (She lives on a farm) What does Sally do on the farm? (She helps with the animals.) How does she go to school in the winter? (She goes to school on skis.)
3 / 4 Where does Su want to go? (She wants to go to the mountains.) Where’s Sally? (Near her house. They can see her.)
5 Why does Sally say ‘Be quiet? ’ (Because they can make an avalanche.)
IV. Doing the exercises:

- Circle, - snow
- goat - winter - farm

V. Control of understanding:
• 1. Let' s play the game « Magic tree».
Тақтаға қатты қағаздан жасалған алма ағашы ілінеді. Алмалардың сыртында бір сөз жазылады. Тақтаға шыққан оқушы алманы алып, сөзді ағылшынша айтады. Егер оқушы сұраққа дұрыс жауап берсе, алманы өзіне қалдырады.

VI. Home task:
Activity book. Exercise 2 - 3 page 19. Complete the puzzle. Find the answer and draw a picture.

VII. Conclusions and marks:
Your marks are …..
Good bye!
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