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Schools we get knowledge in

The theme of the lesson “Schools we get knowledge in”
The objectives: 1. to increase pupils ’word - stock with the help of new words
2. to challenge pupils to use active vocabulary through a number of speech exercises based on new theme.
3. to develop their thinking abilities and oral speech
4. to teach them to love their school and teachers
Visual aids: cards, interactive board
Technology: game elements
Methods: illustrative, question - answer
The plan of the lesson
Org moment
Today we will work with the theme “ Schools we get knowledge in”. Look at the blackboard, please. You see the slide“I - think the lesson will be …. interesting, boring, surprising, useful… for me.( pupils say their opinions). I put them on the heart in order to make our heart alive! Next slide “ school”. Children, give your variants of words, connected with the topic.
Phonetic drill:” Biology and chemistry
Geography and History,
English and Kazakh,
Russian and Maths,
We study at school! That’s great and cool!”
Make your variants of the poem.
5. T:”Every person in our country has the right to study. Let’ s read the text about it” ( work with textbooks)
6. Look at the slide. Here you see the system of education in Kazakhstan. It is new topic for you. We have just begun to study it. So, be attentive.
7. Slide: Let’s revise the names of school subjects. Look at pictures with some school subjects.
“Children, your task is to name the subjects.”
- I ask you to divide into groups: the first group “ Education” and the second group “Knowledge”
8. Slide “Vocabulary practice” On one side there are words, on the other side – definitions. Who will be the first?,
Words: curriculum, education, timetable, mark, primary, secondary, compulsory
9. Work with the text “ My primary school”. Tasks: 1. The names of schools, 2. Find numbers, 3. Write out all the verbs in Past Simple, divide them into regular and irregular.
10. slide “Question work” – Yes/No
Do you study at school?
Is Physics your favourite subject?
Are there five floors in your school?
Did you start your school at the age of six?
Do you study English?
Is it compulsory to get education in Kazakhstan?
Is your school’s number is two?
Is it situated in the centre of Akkol?
Are you studying in the primary school now?
Do you learn French?
Do you like your school and why?
11. A break for some exercises.
12. A guessing game “ Hot seat” Your task is to guess the word not looking at the blackboard but listening to your groupmates.
13. Guys you know that at school there are some rules you must observe. So I invite you to do some” Grammar work – the use of “should” and “shouldn’t”.
Wear jeans, do homework, help teachers, run in the corridor, be late for the lesson, keep the classroom clean, make a noise, listen to the teacher, miss classes, bring mobile phones, wear school uniform
14. slide I like … at the …lesson. I don’t like… at the…lesson.
Thank you for work. Your marks for today are… As for the homework: My ideal schoo
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