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A visit to the doctor’s

The 12th of March
Today is Wednesday

The theme: «A visit to the doctor’s»
The aims:
1) Practical: consolidation of the knowledge about medicine, to develop speaking, writing and reading skills.
2) Educational: development of dialogue speech habits and mental ability.
3) Cultural: to develop pupils’ creative activities, to love and respect different foreign languages.
The type of the lesson: Consolidation lesson.
The visual aids: slides, pictures, research work, cards, game.

The plan of the lesson
Org moment.
Phonetic drill.
Checking up the homework.
a) Doing exercise 2 b, p67 WB
b) Research work.
4. Work with vocabulary.
5. Work with book.
6. Work in pairs.
7. Game.
8. Work with cards.
9. Conclusion.
10. Giving marks.
11. Home work.

Phonetic Drill: Work with your pronunciation.
“A Rhyme”

Without your tongue you cannot talk,
Without your feet you cannot walk,
Without your eyes you cannot see,
Without your heart you cannot be!

Checking up the homework.

Complete the sentences with: which, that, where or who.

Alberto Santos Dumont was a Brazilian who designed planes and balloons.
In 1897 he went to Paris, the city where he made his first flight in a balloon.
In 1909, he built a small plane which was called ‘The Grasshopper’.
There is now an airport in Rio de Janeiro which is named after him.
Martin Luther King was a man who tried to make life better for
African - Americans in the USA.
6. In 1963, he made a speech that became very famous -
the ‘I have a dream’ speech.
7. Memphis is the city where King was killed in 1968.
8. The man who shot Martin Luther King was James Earl Ray.

Research work.
“Ecomed” in Kazakhstan.
Eсоmеd in Almaty
Ecomed Plus in Astana

Infertility clinic Ecomed implemented method of in vitro fertilization (IVF) or children of tubes for the treatment of infertility in Kazakhstan for the first time in October 1995. Kazakhstan's first test - tube baby was born in our hospital 31 July 1996. The idea of introducing the method of creating the first IVF and IVF Ecomed Kazakhstan belongs to the clinic, Dr. SB Baykoshkarova

Scientific Director of the IVF clinic “Ecomed”
doctor of biological sciences, reproductologist - embryologist. Author of the first baby born in Kazakhstan
“from a test tube”.
Member of the National Commission for Women Affairs, Family and Demographic Policy under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan,
President of Kazakhstan Association of Human Reproduction.

Look at the information here and think about when you were five or six years old. Read each question and tick the box if it is true for you. Put a cross if it is not true.

You Your
When you were small, did you use to…? friend
… cry a lot? Y N
… read comics? N N
… watch cartoons on TV? Y Y
… worry about the clothes you wore? Y Y
… listen to music in your bedroom? N N
… think there were monsters under your bed? Y Y

Work with vocabulary.
Match the sentences with the pictures.
1. I`ve got toothache E A B C
2. I`ve got stomach ache. D
3. My eyes hurt. B
4. I`ve got a temperature. I D E F
5. I`ve got a sore throat. C
6. My ankle hurts. G
7. I`ve got a cold. H G H I
8. I`ve got a pain in my chest. F
9. I`ve got headache A

● Work with book.
Match the parts of the sentences to complete the definitions
1. A hospital is a place where C a) takes people to hospital.
An ambulance is a vehicle that A b) liquid is put into a person’s arm
with a needle.
3. A patient is someone who G c) doctors and nurses work.
4. An epidemic is when E d) operates on people.
5. A vaccination is something which H e) a very large number of people
have the same disease.
6. A surgeon is someone who D f) you put on a cut to keep it clean.

7. An injection is when B g) has a health problem.
8. Antiseptic is something that F h) prevents you from getting a disease.

Game. Conversation: “A visit to the doctor”.
Patient: - Good morning a doctor.
Doctor: - Good morning. What is the matter with you?
Patient: - I am not feeling well. I am coughing all the night and I have a bad headache.
Doctor: - Well, Let’s see what the matter is. You have a cough and a temperature of 38 (thirty eight). You have flu. You stay in bed for three or four days and take the medicine I shall prescribe.
Patient: - Thank you. Good bye.
Doctor: - Good bye. Be health.

Patient: - Good afternoon. Please, give me these medicines.

Chemist: - Good afternoon. Give me, please your prescription.
Take these medicines for a cough and drink a lot of, it will help you.
Patient: - Thank you. Bye - bye.
Chemist: - Bye - bye.

Work with cards. Give me, please the Kazakh and Russian equivalent of these proverbs.
Better save than sorry. – ауырып ем іздегенше, ауырмайтын жол ізде. Лучше беречь, чем жалеть об этом.
The appetite comes with eating.- аштық ас таңдатпайды. Аппетит открывается во время еды.
Health is better than wealth. – бірінші байлық – денсаулық. Лучше богатство – здоровья.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away. – по яблоку в день – обойдешься без доктора.
Good health is above wealth. – денсаулық зор байлық.
Eat at pleasure, drink with measure. Ешь вволю, пей в меру.
Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. - Кто рано ложится и рано всает, здоровье, богатство и ум наживет.
Wealth is nothing without health. – здоровье дороже денег. Денсаулық ақшадан да қымбат.
Agues come on horseback, but go away on foot. – Ауру батпандап кіреді, мысқылдап шығады.
What can’t be cured must be endured. – емсіз ауруға шыдау керек. Что нельзя исцелить то нужно терпеть.

Answer the question: What do you do or where do you go if you’ll ill?

Ex. 10 (a) at p. 87 from SB. Read the text about Marie
Sktodowska - Curie. How did she become famous?

The lesson is over.
Thank you for your attention!
Good bye!!

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