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Lesson plan
Teacher B. M. Zhapbasbayeva
Theme: Introduction
Objectives: 1. Vocabulary Expansion / introducing, meeting people
2. Listening Comprehension and practice functional language
3. Grammar practice: Verb Tenses
Resources: CD, interactive board, flashcards, grammar cards
Type of the lesson: Consolidation Technology: RWCT
I. Warm up / Greeting
1. Good morning students! Welcome to our school! I'm glad to see you! My name's... and
I' m your English teacher for today. The theme of our lesson is "Introduction". Before starting the lesson 1 would like you to introduce yourselves. Let's start! Who would like to be the first?
Students introduce themselves.
ІІ. Motivation / Prediction
On the board there photos of Mark and Allie
I would like you to look at the board! Look at these people and try to give much information about them. Predict! What do you think? Where do they come from? and What do they do? Have you got any ideas? •
III. Listening Comprehension
a/ And now students listen to the story about Mark and Allie. On this sheet of paper you are to put true or false. Listen attentively
Students listen to the story
b/ Questions about Listening Comprehension
1. What have you found out from the listening?
2. What does Mark do? Where is he from?
3. What does Allie do? W here is she from?
4. Where do they work? Where do they live now?
Mark Ryder — marketing director, from San — Francisco
Allie Gray — managing director, from Cambridge, England
Nicole — Allie's Personal assistant
Jacques — PR director
Ben — designer
They work for the MTС company, in an office in Paris
IV. Video Presentation.
a/ So, students, you have known some information about Mark and Allie. The next stage is to watch the video about Mark and Allie and complete your opinion about them.
b/ True or False
At the end of the presentation there is a true or false task. Choose the correct answer. Students choose true or false
c / Working on dialogue
Your task is to fill in blanks about the video presentation. Students fill in the blank on the sheet of paper.
d/ I' m going to switch on the video presentation again, check your answers, please. Students check their answers.
V. Students' Production
At the lesson you have listened and watched information about Mark and Allie and others. What information have you found out about them? What do you think of them? Give some ideas about these people.
Students talk about the people.
VI. Grammar Practice
Now we are going to revise our grammar on computer. Everybody open the file "grammar quiz" On the space write the correct word or verb form. There are 20 - 'questions. For 1 correct answer you get - 2 scores. You have 5 minutes
Have you finished? Let' s check your answers. What about your score? How many scores have you got?
Students say their scores
VII. Conclusion
At the end of the lesson I would like you to express your ideas about the lesson. Have you got any information from this lesson? Did you enjoy the lesson? What did you like?
I guess you enjoyed my lesson. I'm pleased with you. I wish you success in learning English! Good bye!
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