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About my school

The procedure of the lesson:
I. Organization moment:
a) Greeting
b) The duty’s report

II.Checking the home task.
a) Reading work
b) Writing work

III. Warm-up.
“The people of Kazakhstan should use equally three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English”. N.A. Nazarbaev
IV. The new lesson. About my school
Teacher: Dear pupil’s today we have an usual lesson, I didn’t write today’s theme because you will guess what we are going talk about, look at this picture what are these?). Yes you are right we are going to talk about our school. Now I will divide you into two groups. One, two, three let’s change our seats yellow group and green group it will be easy way to divide. Ok sit down please!

Teacher: Inkar do you like your school?
Teacher: Shugla Which class are you in?
Teacher: Galiya What is the name of our school?
Teacher: What is your favorite subject?

V. New words:
Classroom - teacher - pupil - desk -
Chair - Schoolbag - Subjects - Home - task
Holidays - Copy - book - Vocabulary - Classmates -

VI. Writing. Make sentences using these words
Teacher: Pupils I will give 5 minutes for each group to make sentences.
Every pupil must write one sentence.

V. Reading. Read the text: “About my school”
I am going to tell you about my school. My school is new and modern and I like it very much. It has three floors. The classrooms are light and big. There are classrooms for different subjects, such as English, History, Physics, Math, Chemistry, Geography, Biology Literature etc.
There is a computer class in our school. We study computer science here. The computer class has the most modern equipment and the Internet services. We have also an assembly hall, which is situated on the second floor. Concerts and all the celebrations take place here. We prepare different performances for all holidays. We sing songs, recite poetry, dance, and participate in theatre performances. There are many opportunities to go in for sports in our school. Our school has a sports ground, a football field and other sports facilities. The teachers in our school are very skilled. They try to give us all their knowledge and awake our interest to their subjects and to self - study. Besides the school subjects, our teachers tell us about everything, about different problems of our world. I think that school years are very important for every person. It is a period of becoming adult, achieving knowledges, and choosing your way in life. Often school friends remain your friends for all your life. So I’ll never forget my school, my teachers, and my classmates.

Мен сізге өзімнің мектебім жайлы айтып берейін. Менің мектебім өте үлкен және қазіргі заманға сай. Маған қатты ұнайды. Біздің мектеп үш қабаттан тұрады. Әр қабатта әр түрлі пәндерге арналған сыныптар орналасқан мысалы: Ағылшын. Математика, Тарих, Физика, Геометрия. География, Биология, Әдебиет тағы басқа сыныптар бар. Мектептің екінші қабатында компьютер сыныбы бар, біз ол жерде Информатика сабағын өтеміз, сонымен қоса ғалам тор желісіне қосылған. Ал бірінші қабатта акт зал орналасқан, ол жерде біз алуан түрлі мерекелік шаралар, жиналыстар, түрлі сайыстар, көріністер қоямыз. Тағы да біздің мектепте спорт залы бар, оның іші өте үлкен және әдемі. Біз ол жерде дене шынықтыру сабағын өтеміз. Біздің мектепте оқушыларға қолайлы жағдайлар қойылды. Мектебіміздің Ұстаздары өте тәжірибелі, олар бізге білім беріп қана қоймай, жақсы тәрбие мен көптеген қызықты нәрселерді үйретеді. Мен ойлаймын мектеп жылдары адам өміріндегі ең маңызды, қызықты жылдар. Бұл кезең адамның адам болып қалыптасуы, білім алуы, өмірдегі орнын таба білуі. Мен білім алған мектебімді, достарымды, сыныптастарымды ешқашан ұмыта алмаймын.

Teacher: Read the text and find True or False?
1. My school is new and modern - true or false.
2. It has four floors – true or false.
3. There isn’t a computer class in our school – true or false?
4. Our school has a sports ground - true or false.
5. The teachers in our school are not very skilled – true or false.
6. So I’ll never forget my school – true or false

Physical exercise: Stand up
If you happy and know it clap your hands
If you happy and know it clap your knees
If you happy and know it step your feet
If you happy and know it clap your fingers
If you happy and know it say OK
If you happy and know it do all five!

V. Doing tasks: Answer the questions about subjects???
Let’s play a short game. I have a little ball, when I will give this ball you must answer the question.
At this subject, you can learn how to use computer. (IT)
At this subject you can run, jump, play football or tennis. (PE)
At this subject, you can paint your favorites pictures. (Art)
At this subject, you can read stories, novels and poems. (Literature)
At this subject, you can count and write figures. (Maths)
At this subject, you can learn to speak, to read, to write in foreign language. (English)

Task VI. “Categorizing”
Read the words and divide them into 6 categories:

Summer holidays, ruler, timetable, History, break, dialogue, Literature, teacher book, chair, pupil, Easter holidays, rubber, Christmas holidays, Mathematics, desk, blackboard, text.
classroom school subjects schoolbag home task holidays

VII. Time to draw pictures.

a) The first group you must draw picture about classroom (5 minute)
b) The Second group you must draw picture about school.(5 minute)

VIII. Conclusion.

Read about Jack and fill in necessary worlds to the text.
School, homework, cant, is good at, reading

Jack Wilson is not organized. He is often late for____________. He doesn’t do his________ every day. He doesn’t like ________________books. But Jack____________ sport. He spends too much time on the football field. So, he_________spend more time on his homework.

Jack Wilson is not organized. He is often late for school. He doesn’t do his homework every day. He doesn’t like reading books. But Jack is good at sport. He spends too much time on the football field. So, he can’t spend more time on his homework.
IX. The end of the lesson:

IX. The End of the lesson:
T: Today we’ve remembered the names of school subjects, speaking about our school.
Do you like this lesson?
Home task is to write an essay about my school.
Assessments: Put marks.
Dear pupils thank you very much. The lesson is over Good - bye!
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