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My favourite sport

Ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі Аманшина Гулсанат Асановна

Grade: 5
The theme of the lesson: My favourite sport
The aims of the lesson:
I. Educational: To master new lexics and its use in pupils’ speech.
II. Developing: 1. To develop pupils’ skills and answering questions
2. To develop pupils’ speaking, listening, writing and reading skill
3. To develop logical and critical thinking and creation
III. Bringing up: To bring up the feeling of love in the sport
The type of the lesson: The presentation of new material
Methods: group work, pair work, work with cards.
The aids: power presentation, cards, picture, electron books.

The procedure of the lesson.
I. Introduction
Good morning!
Sit down!
Dear boys and girls. Today we’ll work together. Look at the board answer the question.
Pictures at sportsmen.
Bekzat Sattarkhanov – boxer
Ermakhan Ibragimov - boxer
Bakhit Sarsekbaev – boxer
Ilya Ilin - Weight – lifting
Olga Shishigina – athletics
Mayya Maneza - Weight – lifting
What are the pictures about? OK, they are sport stars, today we’ll speak about sport. The theme our lesson “My favourite sport”. Let’s learn the new words of our today’s lesson.

Football – футбол
Volleyball – волейбол
Tennis – теннис
Hockey - хоккей
Sledge – шанамен сырғанау
Ski – конькимен сырғанау
Skate – шаңғымен сырғанау
Badminton – бадминтон
Basketball – баскетбол
Swim - жүзу

Listen and repeat after me these words.

Work with cards
6 names of sports and 6 texts about sport. Find out the sport games.
Football is one of the world's most popular games. It is played in nearly every country, by everyone from kids in vacant lots and back streets to professional players in giant stadiums.
Volleyball is a team sport. It has six players on each team. The point of the game is to keep the ball in the air. The ball can be played with any part of the body, with a maximum of three strokes a team.
Skiing is a recreational activity and competitive sport in which the participant uses skis to glide on snow.
Basketball is played on a court with a large orange ball. There are five players on each team. Each team moves the ball across the court by bouncing.
Tennis is the kind of sport. Tennis is a very beautiful game. It is played with a small ball and rackets on a level court.
Swimming is enjoyed by a great many people, firstly because it is a recreational sport and secondly because it keep one fit.


I’ll give the 2 picture in the 2 groups. You should be contract the picture. The names in your group. 1st group – footballer 2nd group – tennis player

Work with groups. Association Project work

Read the letters:

1. My name is Aidar. I’m from Astana. I’m twelve. Sport is an important part of my life. I am a boxer. But my favourite sport is swimming. My favourite sports star is Beckzat Sattarkhanov. He is a boxer.

2. My name is Kate. I’m from Almaty. I’m ten. I can play basketball. My favourite sport is tennis. My favourite sports star is Ilya Ilin. He’s got a gold medal in Beijing Olympic Games.
Complete the chart in the text.
Name Age Come from Favourite sports Favourite sports star

II. Sing a song “Head shoulder knees and toys”

Electronic books
Listening, reading, speaking, writing

Answer the my questions
1. Do you like skating?
2. Do you like football?
3. Do you like to play hockey?
4. Can you play football?
5. Can you swim?
6. Can you play tennis?
7. Who is your favourite sportsman?
8. What sport you can play?
9. Do you like PE lesson at school?
10. What sport you can go?
11. What sport do you know in summer?
12. What sport do you know in winter?

Complete the sentences.
1. You, do, football, like?
2. Can, play, you, volleyball?
3. I play can tennis.
4. I play can’t hockey
5. Swimming, I, like.

Complete the diagram

We’ve learned a lot about sport in our life. I’ll end our lesson with the words of Richard M. Nixon: “I don’t know anything that builds the will to win better than competitive sports.” Я не знаю ничего, что воспитывало бы волю к победе лучше, чем спортивные состязания. Ричард Никсон.

Home task: Essay “My favourite sport”
Commenting marks: Excellent and good marks.
The lesson is over. Thank you for your activity! You were the best. Good bye!
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