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City or country?

Жаңаөзен мектеп-гимназиясы Исгакова Ажар
Сабақтың тақырыбы: City or country?

Сабақтың мақсаты
- comparative adjective
- compare the way of life in the city and in the country;
- to develop their listening, reading, speaking and writing abilities;
- to bring up the patriotic sense to their country.

Сабақтың түрі: New lesson
Сабақтың әдісі Discussing, critical thinking
Сабақтағы жұмыс түрлері: group work, speaking, discussing
Сабақтың көрнекілігі: CD, interactive board, posters, markers
Сабақтың барысы: Мұғалімнің әрекеті Оқушының әрекеті

I. Organization moment
- Good afternoon, boys and girls!
- How are you?
- Who is on duty?
- What date is it today?
- What season is it now?
- What is the weather like today?
- What was your homework?
Good afternoon, teacher!
- Fine, thanks, and you?
- I’m on duty.
- Today is the 9th of December.
- Its winter.
- Its cold and snowy.
- Ex4 p
Divide class to groups a) Boys and girls, before we start our lesson we need to divide you into two groups. There are some cards with pictures. Now pupils who have chosen things in the city you are the first group, pupils who have chosen things in the country will be the second group.
Now boys and girls the theme of our new lesson is “City or country?” Today we are going to speak about the best place for living.
Pupils showed their pictures and divided into two groups with the same things to do in a city or a country.

And made sentences with the pictures.
II. Checking up the homework.
Let’s review the adjective words which we learnt in our previous lessons.
Look at the board. Let’s do these exercises.
E7. What do you think about these people. What are they like?

Describe the pictures with the adjective words.
He’s handsome.
He’s fit.
He is old.
She is beautiful.

III. Presentation of the new theme City or country?
Read the text.

What do you think about living in the city?
What do you think about living in the city?
Where do you want to live?
Why is a village cleaner than a city?
Why is it more boring in the country?
Why is shopping more difficult there?
Why is it more difficult to find friends there?

Now work with your groups. What are three good things about living in the country? What are three bad things?
Pupils read the text one by one.
Pupils answered with their own answers.
Because, there aren’t many cars.
Because there aren’t any things to do.
Because, there aren’t many shops.
Because, they live a long way from their home.
Good things: quieter, more beautiful, cleaner
Bad things: more boring, more difficult to go shopping, more difficult to find friends.

IV. Creative work
You should make up your own presentation on the theme “The best place for living to me”. Use the posters and markers. Imagine you live there

Let’s have a rest.
Pupils made their own project. The best place for living them. And told about their presentation.
Sing a song
V. Conclusion Imagine you live there

Here some question for you:
Where do you go shopping?
Where do you hang out with your friends?
What is the best thing about this place?
What is the worst thing about this place?
Pupils answered the questions.
VI. Evaluating
VII. Homework To prepare a project work “The place where I live”
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