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How much juice? How many apples?

Grade: 6
Theme: How much juice? How many apples?
Objectives: pupils will be able to
•to develop listening, reading, speaking and writing skills
•to review the grammar
•to develop their logical thinking.
Type: new lesson
Methods: elements of RWCT, answer the question, reading, speaking
Visual aids: a book, pictures

The Procedure of the lesson
• Organization moment
Teacher: Who is on duty today? -- Pupil: I am on duty today.
T.: Who is absent? -- P.: _____________________.
T.: What day is it today? -- P.: It’s the _______________.
T.: What day of the week is it today? -- P.: It’s __________________.
T.: What theme is it today? -- P.: It’s how much juice? How many apples?.
•Warm - up Point to the picture in exercise 12 and ask questions
Are there any…?
Is there any…?
Realization of meaning
• Grammar: Much and Many
Much сұраулы және болымсыз сөйлемдерде саналмайтын зат есімдермен қолданылады.
How much cheese is there in the fridge?
I haven’t got much money.
Many сұраулы және болымсыз сөйлемдерде саналатын зат есімдермен қолданылады
How many children have they got?
There aren’t many people in the room.
A few and a little
A few саналатын зат есімдермен жекеше, көпше түрде ғана қолданылады.
There are a few apples on the table.
A litter cаналмайтын зат есімдермен жекеше түрде қолданылады.
There is a little milk the bottle.
A lot of (lots)
A lot of / lots of саналатын және саналмайтын зат есімдермен қолданылады.
There is a lot of butter.
There are a lot of apples.
• Practice:
Exercise 2 p 52 study this with your teacher
Exercise 3 p 53 listen and practice
Exercise 5 p 54 talk to your partner about the food in the picture
• Conclusion
Test yourself
1 – A 2 – B 3 – A 4 – B 5 – A 6 – A 7 - B
•Giving the home task
Exercise 3 p 53 To read and to learn by heart new words
Your marks for today…
The lesson is over
You may be free
Good bye!
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