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Kazakhstan, Great Britain and the USA

Kazakhstan, Great Britain and the USA.
Teacher: welcome to our linguistic competition. We are glad to see you. Today the pupils of our school will show you their knowledge. The aims of this competition are to motivate pupils to speak English, to show their knowledge, to enrich their vocabulary and to choose the best English speaking team.
Our jury for today:

Dear juries, for every answer you must show marks for every team.
There are 3 teams: “Kazakhstan”, “Great Britain”, “The United States of America”.

The competition consists of 5 parts:
1. Guess the word.
2. Proverbs.
3. Welcome to my country.
4. Answer the questions. Find the words.
5. Polyglot.
So, let’s begin our competition. Good luck to you!

I. Guess the word. There is a definition of the word and your task is to guess it. If you know the right answer, raise your hand. Every correct answer is 10 points.
- A man or a boy who has the same parents as another person. (brother).
- A structure such as a house, church or school that has a roof and walls. (building).
- An instrument that shows you what time it is. (clock).
- A person whose job is to look after people’s teeth. (dentist).
- A group of people who are related to each other. (family).
- A person that you know and like, not a member of your family. (friend).
- Some information or facts that you have in your mind about something. (knowledge).
- A room or building that contains a collection of books. (library).
- The color of blood. (red).

II. The next contents will check your knowledge of the proverbs. You will have to find Kazakh, Russian equivalents of English proverbs.
1. There’s no time like present. - Әр күніңе рақым тұт, бүгінгіні жақын тұт. Нет лучше времени, чем сейчас.
2. All is not gold glitters. - Жылтырағанның бәрі алтын емес. Не все золото, сто блестит.
3. Handsome is as handsome does. – Ер жігітті сөзіне қарап емес, ісіне қарап бағала. О человеке судят не по словам, а по делам.
4. Never put of till tomorrow what you can do today. – Еріншектің ертеңі бітпес. Никогда не откладывай до завтра то, что можно сделать сегодня.
5. Still waters run deep. – Үндемегеннен үйдей пәле шығады. В тихом омутечерти водятся.
6. First think, then speak. – айтылған сөз, атылған оқ. Слово не воробей, вылетил не поймаеш.
7. Everything is good in it’s season. – Әр нәрсенің өз уақыты бар. Всему свщу время.
8. Better late than never. – Ештен кеш жақсы. Лучше поздо, чем никогда.

III. The third contents. The next part of our competition is called “Welcome to my country!”. It was your home task to prepare. You have 5 minutes.
There are 3 teams: “Kazakhstan”, “Great Britain”, “The United States of America”.

IV. The next content is answer the question. In this content you must to find the answer and write by alphabet which stay near the blackboard.
1. Who is the head of Kazakhstan? President.
2. What is the most popular national holiday in KZ? Nauryz.
3. When does KZ celebrate the Independence day? December.
4. Who is the head of GB? Queen.
5. What is the Big Ben? Clock.
6. Where is the UK situated? Europe.

V. Good, children. Let’s begin the next content of our competition. Polyglot. Give the translation of the words into Kazakh, Russian and English. Dear juries in this content for the 1 right answer 3, and for the 2 right answer 6.
1. Елбасы – глава государства - the head of state
2. Патшалық – королевство - kingdom
3. Орналасқан – расположен - situated
4. Халық – народ - population
5. Үкімет – правительсво - government
6. Отан – родина – motherland
Teacher: Good children. I’m pleased with your answer. Now it is time to say results our competition; while our juries count your scores you may say you poems. (the members of jury make a conclusion. Rewarding the best team). Thanks for our juries. Thanks for all. Our competition lesson is over. Good bye.
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