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Will people live on the Moon?

І. Organization moment.
Good morning, boys and girls! The theme of the lesson is «Will people live on the Moon?» Children I want you to show your knowledge in using the Future Simple and your ideas about the future life. So, welcome to the future!
II. Warm up.
The poem “Think of the future”
What is the future for me? Funny it, s going to be.
What is the future for you? Your hopes and dreams will come true.
What is the future for us? Without pollution, green grass.
Robots, computers, commuting to the Moon.
Think of the future! Don, t be a fool!
III. Word clustering.
What ideas come to mind when you hear the word ’’future’’? (brainstorming of the students, ideas)

(Life on other planets, clear air, new technology, long life, computers, robots, super cars, clones of people and animals, flights to other planets, …)
T: Now, look at these words and sentences and make up sentences using them.
P1: People will not work. Robots will do more work for them.
P2: There will be new technology in future.
P3: People will live long life.
IV. Revising grammar.
а) Conversation using funny questions. Pupils will ask questions to each other.
Will you eat snow for breakfast?
Will your cat play the guitar?
Will you live in the house or in the tree?
Will you clean teeth under the sofa?
Will you grow pink bananas?
в) Pair work.(cұрақ жазылған қима қағаздар беріледі)

What will you be?
Where will you live?
Where will you travel?
What will you buy?
Will you be happy?[/center]

А) Working with cards “Predictions about the future”.
Finish these sentences:

Life will…
I will…
People will …
My friend will…
TV will…
Music will…
Cars will…
Robots will...
Children will…
The weather will…

Pupils, answers:
P1: I think life will be interesting because robots will do all work.
P2: I don, t think so. Life will be boring because we will see many robots and we won, t see people.
P3: …
V. Presentation of the students, projects in different aspects of the future life.
The themes of projects are “Houses’’, “Flats”, “Schools”, “Transport”, “Food and shops’’, “Clothes’’.
P1: Our houses will be on water. The houses will be high.
P2: This is my bedroom. These beds will be in the water too. These beds are called a “Sleeping tube”. You will order temperature.
P3: People won, t go to the shops. They will order food, drinks, clothes, books and other things with the help of the computers and phones.
P4: People will travel a lot. They will commute to the Moon and to other planets and galaxics. They will go “Out - of - this world tour office” and any trip.
T: Children answer my questions:
Will life be interesting?
Will people be happy?
Will the world be different in 500 years?
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