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Do you want some Pepsy

Outline of the lesson plan
Subject: English
From: 5
Theme: Do you want some Pepsy?
The aims of the lesson:
Educational: Recycling the Present Simple & new theme Do you want some Pepsy?
Vocabulary: coke, pepsy, juice, crisps, chips, a hamburger, cheese, bread, biscuits.
Developing: To develop pupils' speech habits, through reading, speaking, listening
and writing.
Upbringing: to teach pupils’ talking about times of event & say what they like & don’t like.
Communicative: to teach pupils' listening, reading, writing, speaking & practice,
Form of the lesson: Traditional lesson
Type of the lesson: Presentation
Methods of the lesson: explanation, demonstration, exercises
Visual aids: non - mechanical (tables)
Inter subject connection: Kazakh
Literature: English from 5 A. T. Ayapova
The procedure of the lesson.
Stages of the lesson Teacher's activity Pupil's activity Time
I. Introduction 1. Greeting
- Good morning children.
- Thank you! Sit down please.
2. Talking to duty
- Who is on duty today?
- Who is absent today?
- What date is it today?
- What day is it today?
- Good morning teacher.
- I am on duty today.
- All are present.
- Today the __________
Today it is __________
II. speech drill
III. Presentation
- what weather like today?
- how many seasons in the year?
- How many month in the winter?
- which seasons do you like?
- why?
- OK. Very nice! Open your books p. 96
We have new theme " Do you want some Pepsy?"
1 grammar
After we have grammar materials
Present Simple осы шақ
speak English


speak English
Do we
speak English? Көпше
you speak English?
speak English?
Күнделікті болып жатқан іс әрекеттер туралы айқанда қолданылады.
Ok. Girls & boys. Marvelous.
Tell me please, one sentence - today is cold. The sky is blue. It is windy
- there 4 seasons: winter, summer, autumn, spring.
- there 3 month: December, January, February
- I like spring because I was born in this season
P - s: Open there books
IV. Vocabulary
IV. listening, speaking & reading
V. Practice
Ok. Look at the blackboard. We have are new words.
Listen to me.
Coke [kәuk] кока кола
Pepsy [pepsi] пепси
Juice [dзu: s] шырын
Chips[tſips] қытырлық картоп
a hamburger[ә hǽmbә: gә] гамбургер
cheese [tſi: z] сыр
breadbred] нан
- OK. Repeat after me all together.
- Repeat after me the 1st row
- Repeat after me the 2nd row
- Repeat after me the 3rd row
- OK. Read please, one by one
- OK. Write down words in vocabulary. I’ll give you 5 minutes
- Have you finishing?
- now look at the ex. 1 We have dialog. Let’s read & translate.
You Omar & you Colin, you Ben. Beginning read.
- now very good. Fantastic. So, look at the ex. 2 Listen & repeat
- Delightful. very nice. Now look at the ex. 3 in this ex. You choose what do you eat & drink
- Fantastic. So, look at the ex. 4 Listen & repeat
- OK. Open you books page 98. Look at the Ex. 3. talk to your friend. Use words n ex. 2
- super. So, look at the ex. 6 Listen & repeat. After translate the sentence
- So, look at the ex. 7 talking to your friend. Next partner let’s beginning read.
- Perfect guys! Look at the ex. 8 talking to your friend about other pupils using the information in the box & say how many pupils want to come to a disco, a party, a football ets.
- Good, Look at the ex 10 Listen & repeat P - s: look & listen.
P - s: Repeat it after me all together.
P1: P2: P3: …P4:…
P - s:

P - s: Listen & repeat
P1: I eat a cake & drink some lemonade
P3:, P4:
P - s: Listen & repeat
P1: do you want some juice?
P2: no, thanks
P3: do you want some cake?
P4: yes, please. I love cake
P - s: Listen & repeat
P1: there is a party. Do you want to come?
P2: yes, all right. I love party
P3: there is a concert. Do you want to come?
P4: no, I’m busy
P2: …
P - s: Listen & repeat
VI. Conclusion Good. Look at the ex 8. talking to your friend use words in the box. Time
So, I show you pictures. You say what is it. OK, do you understand.
P1: what time does a party start?
P2: at 5 o’clock
P3:, P4
VII. Home - task Open your diaries and write your home - task ex. 12 pg. 99.
VIII. Evaluations So. Guys. I’ll give your marks. I want to evaluate your activities.
P1: You are the best one who works hard today. Your English is good & I put excellent.
P2: You want to work industrious, but have some mistakes today. I put mark good.
P3:… P4:…
Stand up, please!
Our lesson is over. Thank you for your attention.
Good – bye guys.
Good – bye! Good – bye!
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