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“Free time Hobbies”

Subject: English
I. A them of the lesson: “Free time Hobbies”
II. Aims of the lesson:
1. Educational
a) Introduction of new grammar material
b) Introduction of new words: Records, knit, numerous, take photographs, tasty, to smb’s taste, it is a matter of taste, peel, cut, pie, frying – pan, grater, paste, oven, stew, bake.
2. Developing: To develop pupil’s speech in listening reading speaking and writing.
3. Up - brining: To bring – up pupil’s repetition.
4. Communicative: To teach pupils to use the new grammar material and new words in their oral speech in monologue.
III. The form of the lesson: Traditional
IV. The type of the lesson: Mixed
V. The methods of the lesson: explanation exercise, work with book, questions – answer.
VI. Inter subject connection: Kazakh
VII. Visual aids: Posters with new words, pictures, grammar tables.
VIII. Literature: English book (Ayapova 7 kl)
The plan of the lesson
I. Organization moment
a) Speech drill: 3 minutes
- Good day boys and girls.
- Thank you sit down please.
I am you English teach for today. My name is Koigeldina Laura.
- Good day teacher.
- Who is on dirty today?
- Who is absent?
- What date is it today?
- What day is it to day?
- Do you like autumn?
- How many months are there in the year?
- Say me autumn months?
II. Basic part of the lesson
I. Phonetic drill:
Children now I want to read one poem. Listen to me.
He likes to travel by plane
She likes to travel by train
We like to travel by bus
Look! I it’s waiting for us.
Let’s repeat after me all together.
II. Checking up the home task: 10 minutes
So children what was you home work?
Up into the cherry tree
Who should climb but little me?
I held the trunk with both my hands
And looked abroad on foreign lands.
III. Ok children let’s we have new words listen to me: 7 minutes
knit – тоқу
numerous – сансыз көп,
take photographs - фотографировать,
tasty – дәмді,
it is a matter of taste – ұнауына қарай,
peel – көкеніс тазарту,
cut - кесу,
pie - пирог,
frying – pan – таба
grater – үккіш, ( терка),
paste - қамыр,
oven - духовка,
stew – бықтырып пысыру,
bake – пысыру
Hikes – экскурсия
Reaped after me all together:
IV. Today we have new them “Free time Hobbies” 25 minutes
Children you have a one text. Now we will read and translate this text all together.
V. Ok boy and girls look at the Questions
1. What is a hobby?
2. Does your life become more interesting if you have a hobby?
3. What kinds of hobbies do you know?
4. What is the most popular hobby among Englishman?
5. What is you hobby?
6. Are you fond of playing computer games?
7. You like cooking. Don’t you?
8. Do you prefer to make or to buy pies?
9. You usually buy paste, don’t you?
10. Have you got a good oven in the kitchen?
11. Who helps you to make cakes and pies?
12. Do you want to be a cook?
VI. Home task:
You mast write topic about My hobby or Hobbies in my Family.
VII. Marking:
Excellent for … because you do all exercises very well.
Good for … because you read well, but they have many mistakes.
Sat for … because you have many mistakes in your read and answer.
Everybody was active. Thank you! Good bye children.
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