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Education in Great Britain

Theme: Great Britain. Education in Great Britain.
1. Enrich pupils speech practice using the new lexicons and phrasal verbs.
2. Develop their speech practice using the proper and geographical nouns.
3. To bring the children up to get more information and fact about Great Britain, to be more friendly, to develop the friendship between the countries.
Visual aids: the map of Great Britain, white board, CD book, pictures
The procedure of the lesson:
I. Organization moment.
II. “Do you know the countries?” (checking home task by riddling crossword)
W A S H I N G T O N 1. What is the capital of the USA?
R U S S I A 2. The largest country in the world.
J A P A N E S E 3. What language is spoken in Japan?
V A T I C A N 4. The smallest country.
T U R K I S H 5. Language spoken in Turkey.
B E R L I N 6. The capital of Germany.
M A D R I D 7. The capital of Spain.
S I X 8. Number of continents
P A K I ST A N Y 9. Nation of Pakistan.
A S I A 10. The biggest continent
H I N D Y 11. Language spoken in India.
S Y D N E Y 12. The capital of Australia.
( each information is compared with Kazakhstan)
III. “Have learnt” strategy.
The next article tells about Great Britain. The teacher reads the articles for details that grow out of main ideas. The pupils have to write down the words given below.
Great Britain.
Learn to read the proper names:
Great Britain – Великобритания
The United Kingdom – Соединенное Королевство
The Atlantic ocean – Атлантический океан
England – Англия
Scotland – Шотландия
Wales – Уэльс
I know I want to know I have learnt
The capital of Great Britain is London. What is the political system of Great Britain? The UK consists of four parts.
IV. “Exploring Paragraph
1. London is the capital of Great Britain, its political economic and cultural centre. It is one of the largest cities in the world and the largest city in Europe. Its population is about 8 million people. London is situated on the both banks of the river Thames. It is divided into several parts: the City, Westminster, the West End, the East End. The City is the heart of London. It is the financial centre of the UK with many banks, offices and firms. You can visit some interesting places in the City. One of them is the Tower of London. It was a fortress, a palace, a prison and the Kings Zoo. Now it is a museum.
1. What is the capital of Great Britain? – The capital of Great Britain is London.
2. Is London a small city? – No, it is not. London is one of the largest cities in the world.
3. How many people live in London? – 8 million people live in London.
4. Where is London situated? – London is situated on both banks of the river Thames.
5. What parts is London divided into? – London is divided into several parts: City, Westminster, East End, West End.
6. What part is the center of London? – The City is the centre of London.
7. What is Tower? – The Tower of London is a museum now.
V. CD book and White Board.
Educational system of Britain.
Educational system – образовательная система
Nursery schools, Infant schools, Junior schools
Primary schools – начальная школа
Grammar schools – грамматическая школа
Technical schools – техническая школа
Comprehensive schools – общеобразовательная школа
Private schools – частная школа
The quality of countrys future life depends on quality of its education system. Schooling is voluntary under the age of five, but there is some free nursery school before that age. Primary education takes place in infant schools for pupils aged from 5 to 7 years old and junior schools (from 8 to 11 years). Every British child must stay at school from 5 till 16. They can stay longer and take final exams when they reach 17 or 18.
There are many types of state schools such as grammar, technical, modern, comprehensive schools. Children going to grammar school study academic subjects. Comprehensive schools usually combine all types of secondary education. They have physics, chemistry, biology, history, art. There are also many private schools.
1. Answer the questions to the text.
1). When do English Children have final exams in school?
2). At what age?
3). What are different types of schools in Britain?
4). What is the peculiarity of the grammar schools?
5). What is a comprehensive school
3. Complete the sentences.
1). Infant schools are…..
2). Primary schools are…..
3). Grammar schools are….
4). Comprehensive schools…..
VI. “Group” strategy (conclusion)
VII. Marking
VIII. Hometask: prepare a story about Great Britain and Education in Britain.
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