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1001 proverbs and 101 riddles

Aims of the extracurricular work: - to pupil’s intellect to practice hearing speaking to memorize and retain in memory the language material they have learnt

Visual aids: cards, active board
Connection with other subjects: kazakh, literature, biology, sport.

Good afternoon! Dear pupils and teacher! You are welcome to see the game 1001 proverbs and 101 riddle with 9th forms
The game has 3 levels. The 1st level is called “Who knows more proverbs?” Let` s applaud the 1st proverb teller team “Clevers” Now let` s applaud the 2nd proverb teller team “Stars”.
That` s very good, thank you! Now let` s applaud to the pupils.
Now dear proverbs teller teams, your second task is to continue the proverbs. I shall begin the proverb and you must finish it.
1 Life is short, (art is long)
2. No pains (no gains)
3. East or West (home is best)
4. Better late (than never)
5. Action speaks louder (than words)
6. Speech is silver (silence is gold)
7. When the cat is away (the mice will play)
8. Rome was not built (in one day)
9. A good wife and health is a ( man’s best wealth)
10. Two heads (are better than one)

Now, let` s begin our 2nd level. The level of riddle guessers. Now, riddles and hold up before answer.
1. What makes a road broad? (letter b)
2. I can tell you all the day,
Time to sleep and time to play. (the clock)
3. What question cannot be answered with “yes”? (Are you asleep?)
4. There is a season,
When days are cool,
When we eat apple,
And go to school. (autumn)
5. What teaches without talking?(a book)
6 What is it that man cannot live without? (name)

OK. You were very active. Thank you very much.

Our 3rd level is called “Match these proverbs”.

1 Everything is good----------------then speak
2 Strike the iron---------------------cannot be undone
3 No news in-------------------------it’s season
4 Things done-----------------------who laughs last
5 First think--------------------------the best policy
6 It is never--------------------------good news
7 Good health is--------------------like home
8 There is no place-----------------Late to learn
9 Honesty is-------------------------while it’s hot
10 He laughs best-----------------above wealth

Thank you very much!
Now, let` s see the result of this level and all game.
Dear guests, our game is over! Thank you very much for your attention and good - bye!
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