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Optional lesson

Grade: 6
The theme of the lesson: Optional lesson
The aims and objectives of the lesson: a) educational To explain how to use the new words and presentation of the lesson about the holiday
b) developing To develop the pupils habits of the oral speech, to develop pupils creative and logical abilities, understanding, reading and writing, grammar and lexical skills to learn how use the Past Simple Tense Questions Negative forms and speaking of the countries one visited or wants to visit
c) cultural To bring up love and interest to the subject, to respect each other, to create an English atmosphere in the classroom.
The type of the lesson: presentation, integrative
The kind of the lesson: mastering a new theme
The methods of the lesson: training, explanation, demonstration, interaction
Visual aids of the lesson: diagrams on the tasks, pictures, posters, computers interactive board. scheme, cards
Interdisciplinary relation: Russian, Kazakh.
The procedure of the lesson: Teacher’s activity Student’s activity
І. Organization moment a) Greeting, checking up absentees
- Good morning children?
- How are you?
b) A talk about on duty
- Who is on duty today?
- Who is absent today?
c) A talk about the weather?
- What day is it today? What season is it now? Greeting
The pupil on duty will answer the teacher` s questions
ІІ. Teacher’s talk with the pupils on the theme “optional lesson” - Let` s repeat all previous materials. Take a paper and write down the date Pupils will answer the teacher’s questions
III. Explaining new material a) work on new concepts
Review Steps 1 - 5
Circle the correct answer
1. Do you watch TV everyday?
a) I watch TV b) Yes, I watch c) Yes, I do
2. Do you play computer games? a) I play computer games b) No, I do c) Yes, I do3. Did you write a story last week? a) No, didn` t I b) No, I didn` t c) I didn` t write a story lask week4. Did he help his mother yesterday? a) he didn` t help b) he helped his mother c) yes, he did
Write the correct answer
5. New York is famous for ______ (museums, food, skyscrapers)
6. Children` s favourite place in London is _______(St. Paul` s Cathedral, Big Ben, Hamleys)
7. Astana is famous for its _________ buildings (tall, modern, old)
8. ______ is a big problem in big cities (building, pollution, taffic lights)
Complete the sentences
9. Physical education, Biology, Geography are _.
10. Judo, tennis, chess are _______.
Pupils will listen to the teacher then they will copy sentences in their copybooks
b) tasks for the development of cognitive abilities
IV. Consolidation of the new lesson Pupils write the sentences and complete them.
V. Homework
to learn by heart the new words

VІ. Evaluation To repeat all the previous materials.
The teacher will explain to the pupils how to write the exercise
The teacher will give marks

The lesson is over you are free. Good – bye!
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