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"Health habits"

Theme:”Health habits”
Grade: 10
Duration: 45min.
The aims of the lesson:
а) educational: to introduce students with new words and to review grammar material
b) developing: to develop the students’ reading, writing and speaking skills and enlarge their vocabulary
c) up - bringing: to bring up the students’ interest for the health
Materials: Slide show, pictures, cards
I. Organization moment
Teacher: Good morning, boys and girls! How are you getting on today? What shall we do today? We are going to deal with the very important problem – good and bad habits, because the theme is called “Health habits”. So we have a lot of work today. Let us begin. Look at the blackboard. There are our aims on it.
1. To learn and train new words.
2. To read the text and try to speak.
3. To revise adverbs.
II. Warm - up.
I’d like to start the lesson with the proverbs. Look at the screen and match the beginnings and the endings of the proverbs.
An apple a day / is above wealth
Good health / keeps a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
Early to bed and early to rise / keeps the doctor away.
III. Checking up the home task.
What was your home task?
Ex. 7, 8p. 59

IV. Presentation of the new material
Teacher: Well, look at the blackboard. You see the words. Let us read them and translate.
• a diet – диета
• wholemeal – ұнтақталмаған ұннан жасалған
• fibre – жасуынық(клетчатка)
• obesity – семіздік
• smoking – темекі тарту
• alcohol – алькогол
• weight – салмақ
• to keep fit – дене бітімін сақтау
• overweight – артық салмақ
• to be rich in – бай
• inactivity – әрекетсіздік
• skip – жіберу
• care about - күтіну
• depend on - тәуелді
• pay a lot of attention to - аса назар аудару
• promote - көтеру, ұсыну
V. Make a list of good bad health habits.
Ex. 1. p. 62
healthy diet, do sports, eating sweets, drinking alcohol, obesity, snacking, eating breakfast, smoking, taking drugs, skipping breakfast, exercising, eating high fibre food, physical inactivity, sleeping too much or too little, regular meals, eating wholemeal bread, sleeping 7 or 8 hours, eating low fat food, getting up early
Good habits Bad habits
VI. Grammar for revision
• Complete these healthy eating tips using much, many, little, a lot of.
• Don’t Forget:
• Too ----- food makes you thin.
Too ----- food makes you fat
Too ----- sweets are bad for you, especially for your teeth.
Eat ----- high fat food and ----- fibre.
----- fruit and vegetables keep you healthy.
Walking ----- makes you fit.
Sleeping too ----- or too ----- can make you nervous and restless.
• Key: little, much, many, little, much, a lot of, much, much, little
• Correct the mistakes
• 1. Eat more sugar. (less)
2. Don’t eat vegetables.
3. Eat many fat. (little)
4. Eat the same things. (different)
5. Eat less fresh fruit. (more)
6. Eat a lot of salt. (little)
7. Eat a lot between meals. (don’t)
VII. Translate into English
Адамдар өз денсаулықтарын күтінулері тиіс деп ойлаймын.
Егер сіздің денсаулығыңыз жақсы болса, көңіл күйіңіз де жақсы болады.
Біздің денсаулығымыз көп нәрселерге тәуелді; жеген тамағымызға, әдеттерімізге, дене шынықтыруымызға
Таза ауада көп жүрудің әркімге маңызы зор.
Біз көп жемістер мен көкөністер жеуіміз керек, себебі олар дәрумендерге бай.
Біз көп тамақтанбауымыз керек.
Күніне бір алмадан жесең, дәрігердің көмегі қажет емес.
B) Translate into kazakh
It is necessary to eat high fibre food
I believe that we have to eat low fat food and visit a swimming pool.
Paying attention to health we have to go in for sports
Regularity in life promotes our health
We should convince our friends and relatives not to smoke or drink too much
I am sure that our health is connected with our nervous system
VII. Work with text
I’ll repeat and I think you’ll agree with me that nobody wants to be ill. Tell me the ways to keep fit. What are the ways to be healthy? (They answer)
At home you were to read and to translate the text “Keeping Fit”. Let’s read it and then discuss it.
Keeping Fit
Good health is not something we are able to buy at the chemist’ and we can’t depend on getting it back with a quick visit to the doctor when we are ill, either. We often ruin our health by poor diet, stress, bad working environment and carelessness. By keeping fit, changing bad habits or the surrounding conditions we can make our body last without major problems. And what are the ways to keep fit?
First of all you must miss no chance of outdoor activities as an antidote to our sedentary lives. Skating or skiing in winter and swimming in summer must become part of your everyday life.
Second, exercise. You must exercise whenever you can – in the morning or in the evening. Third, regular meals are a must if you want to keep fit. Try to avoid going without any food for hours.
Nowadays, health specialists promote the idea of wellness for everybody. Wellness means achieving the best possible health within the limits of your body. One person may need fewer calories than another. Some people might prefer a lot easier exercise to more strenuous exercise.
The English people have become very concerned about their health recently. In fact, fitness has become almost a national obsession. In large cities and towns alike people jog regularly, join sports teams and going to health clubs and Fitness Centers to work out.
Now prepare to answer my questions.
1) How do we ruin our health?
2) What idea do health specialists promote nowadays?
3) What is wellness?
4) What is a national obsession today?
5) How do people keep fit in big cities?
6) What are the ways to keep fit?
IX. Have a discussion.
Ex. 10 Now you know what to do to be healthy and fit. So, you can give advice. Now let’s read the situation and help the person.
B. George Smith smokes 40 cigarettes a day. He gets up late every morning, and drives to a café in the next street. He has a big breakfast and takes three spoons of sugar in his tea. Then he drives to the pub, and has 3 or 4 pints of beer before a big lunch. He never has any fruit after his lunch, because he prefers to have cake or sweets. The only exercise he gets is when he walks upstairs for his afternoon sleep. Later, he has a few more pints of beer and a big dinner, and then he watches television till midnight. At 2. 00 he goes to bed, has a few last cigarettes, and goes to sleep with all his windows closed.
Let’s sum up the information we’ve learnt. What are the ways to keep fit?
X. Make up a dialogue.
– There are situations. Make up the dialogues. Let’s make compliments to each other. (Cards)
1. You meet your friend. She looks slim. You make a compliment. She expresses her thanks and expresses reasons.
2. You meet your friend. His hair doesn’t smell. You make a compliment. He expresses his thanks and expresses his reasons.
3. You meet your friend. She looks great. You make a compliment. She expresses her thanks and reasons.
4. You meet your friend. She looks great. Her teeth are white and look strong. You make a compliment. She expresses her thanks and reasons.
5. You meet your friend. He has lost weight. You make a compliment. He expresses his thanks and reasons.
XI. Conclusion.
Right down your homework. At home you’ll write the essay on the topic “How to keep fit”.
I liked your work at the lesson. I’ll give an excellent (good, satisfactory) mark to …The lesson is over. Good - bye!
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