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Theme:”May - posibility”
The aims of the lesson: а) educational:
a) to introduce students with new words. Presentation of the grammar material ”may - posibility”.
b) developing: to develop the students’ skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening, critical thinking and memorizing.
c) up - bringing: to create language atmosphere in class, in order to improve their English
Materials: Slide show, pictures, cards
I. Organization moment
Greeting and checking up the pupils
Talking with the pupil on duty
II. Phonetic drill
1) Practise reading and saying the words
[ei]rain, main, brain
[o:]all, fall, tall
[au]now, how, around, aloud
[iә]here, mere, dear
[i:]tree, sea
[i]ship, lip, litter
2) Match the words that rhyme:
Rain all
Fall sea
Tree ships
Trips main
Around crowd
III. Checking up the home task.
What was your home task?
W. B. exercise 1page 94
Tho - it’s too hot
Inyso - it’s too noisy
Gbi - it’s too big
Ardk - it’s too dark
Dercodw - it’s too crowded
Andregsou - it’s too dangerous
Ghhi - it’s too high
Fost - it’s too soft
IV. Presentation of the new material
Teacher: Well, look at the blackboard. You see the words. Let us read them and translate.
Perhaps - бәлкім
Become - болу
May - мүмкін
Bake - пісіру
Presentation of the new grammar
Possibility may+verb
It may rain tomorrow.
It may be too cold on the beach tomorrow.
We may stay at home.
After school
Question: What will you do after school?
P1: After school I may play football?
P2: After school I may go to the library
P3: After school I may go to the cinema
V. Doing written exercises from the book.
WB. Exercise 1 page 95. What will I become?
WB. Exercise 2 page 95. What will I do after school?
VI. Game ’’The castle race”.
Critical thinking “you - me, I - you”.
Let’s play a game. You have divided into 2 groups. Who will get to the castle first?
Each team asks questions to each other. You must answer a question on every colourful circle. If you answer it correctly I’ll give you shapes.
1. who is this?
2. what will the weather be like tomorrow?
3. what time is it?
4. what is this?
5. what is the opposite of difficult?
VII. Song. Let’s have a rest, sing a song.
VIII. Drag the pictures into the correct boxes
CD - ROM. Way Ahead 4 unit 18b
XI. Conclusion.
Right down your homework. At home you’ll write the.
I liked your work at the lesson. I’ll give an excellent (good, satisfactory) mark to …The lesson is over. Good - bye!
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