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Eating in Britain

Grade: 7
The theme of the lesson: Eating in Britain
The aim of the lesson:
Educational: To speak about eating in Britain and traditional foods in Kazakh, to enlarge pupils vocabulary, to pay attention to their pronunciation, making about surey.
Developing: To develop pupils ‘s skills on reading, translating, writing, speaking.
Upbrinding: To practice pupils by using grammar materials, to enrich pupilss knowledge, to teach the pupils to respect the culture theme.

Methods of the lesson: question - answer, group work
Type of the lesson: Mixed lesson.
Inter subject connection: Kazakh, Russian
Visual aids: pictures, grammar table, cards, Interactive board.
The procedure of the lesson
1. Organization Moment.
- Good afternoon, pupils!
- Who is on duty today?
- Who is absent?
- What date is it today?
- What day is it today?
- What season is it now?
- What is the weather like?

2. Phonetic drill.
Sound [u:] [i:] [ai]
The school
Books and pencils. I will need
When I start to write and read
Lots to learn and lots to do
I like to do to school, don’t you?

3. Grammar practice. Countable and uncountable nouns.
Look at the screen again, you can see the names of different food and drinks. Let’s pronounce them. Repeat the words after speaker.

Aғылшын тілінде зат есімдер саналатын және саналмайтын зат есім болып екі топқа бөлінеді. Саналатын зат есімдер көпше және жекеше түрде болады. Біз an apple немесе two apples деп айтамыз. Өйткені алманы санай аламыз. Біз water немесе some water деп айтамыз, бірақ a water немесе two waters деп айтпаймыз өйткені санай алмаймыз. Саналатын зат есімдердің көпше түрі болады. Plural nouns end in – s or – es.
They are countable. Some nouns don’t have plural form. They are uncountable
Grammar Pronoun much, many
Countable nouns
How many children have they got?
There aren’t many people in the room.
Uncountable nouns
How much cheese is there in the fridge?
I haven’t got much money
1. Practice
Ex 4. Read and write uncountable(u) or countable (c) near these words: Cars, water, air, bottles, apples, bread, tea, dollars, money, peas, lemons, sugar, salt, eggs, toys, milk, sandwiches, ham, cheese, coffee.
Ex 7 Complete the sentences with much or many.
1. We need —————- oranges to make orange juice.
2. I don’t —————— milk - one liter a day.
3. He doesn’t always put —————- salt on his food.
4. My car doesn’t use ——————– petrol.
5. They haven’t ————————- money. They are not rich.
6. There aren’t ————————— potatoes in the box.

4. New words:
Roast beef - қуырылған сиыр еті
Yorkshire pudding - Англия пуддингі (Ұн немесе)
Lunch - екінші ас
Cornflakes - қуырылған жүгері дәндері
Toasts - майға қарып пісірілген нан
Omelete - Омлет (жұмыртқадан пісірілген тамақ)
Sausage - еттен жасалған шұжық
Bacon - шошқаның қақталған төсі, бекон

5. Work on the text
Ex 12
1. Read
2. Translate
Eating in Britain
British food has a bad reputation in Europe; but traditional home cooked is as good as European cooking.
A good example is the traditional British Sunday lunch which consists of roast - beef, potatoes and Yorkshire pudding. British people eat a lot of meat. Mineral water is not very common. The most popular drink with meals is tea.
British breakfast consists of cornflakes with milk, toasts with marmalade, honey and tea. They eat large meal at midday. At about 5 o’clock they have tea with bread and butter and cakes. In some families the midday meal is the chief one of the day. And in the evening they have a simple supper an omelets, or sausage, sometimes bacon and eggs.

True (T) or false(F)
1. British food is very popular in Europe.
2. British people eat Yorkshire pudding on Sundays.
3. British people eat a lot of meat.
4. They don’t like tea very much.
5. Breakfast is the chief meal of the day.
6. They drink a lot of mineral water.

Ex 17 (b)

Traditional foods.
The traditional Kazakhstan food include mutton and horse beef as well as sour – milk producers which are closely associated with nomadic way of life. The main dishes of Kazakh cuisine are as follows: cooked mutton and horse – beef (besharmak), kurdak. Horse – beef delicatessen (chuzuk, kazy, zhal, zhaya), sheep’s milk, cow’s milk and products (katyk, kurt, irimshik and mare’s milk (kymyz). Appearance of flour in the Kazakh diet renewed the traditional dish – besharmak, which began tobe served with large pieces of rolled dough.

1. Game “Who is quick?”

Traditional food Drinks Breakfast 5 o’clock tea Supper
Roast - beef Mineral water cornflakes tea omellete
———- —————– ————— —————– —————
———— —————— ————— ——————– ———

VII. A song: “ Merry Christmas”
T: Stand up, please.
Let’s sing the song “ Merry Christmas”
VIII. Association
Drinks, food, Eating in Britain, eating in Kazakhstan тақырыптарына ассосация құру және Венн диаграммасын жасау

IX. Conclusion part of the lesson.
Task 1.
T: Today you have learned a lot of information about eating in Britain. You see that people in Kazakhstan and in Great Britain have something in common. We’ve done a lot of work today. I want to say “thank you” to all of you. Our lesson is over.

X. To put marks
XI. Home work.
a) learn the new words
b) to write about Kazakh national food
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