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“Leader of the XXI st century” The intellectual show

1. Introduction
2. The captains’ competition
3. “Who is the best?”
4. Who is clever?
5. “Do you know?”
6. “Who is the fastest?”
7. Imagination
8. Play a game “Merry lottery”
9. Play with spectator
1. The first task is “Introduction”.
Each team calls their name, motto and introduce their emblems
2. The second task “The captains competition”.
Each team’s captain makes a dialogue

3. The third task “Who is the best?” In this task one of you who gathered fewer points will choose one envelope. In these envelops there are two letters: A and B. I will read you 15 questions and all answers will start with the letter A or B. The same rules relates to our second participant. Is everything clear for you?

Letter A
The name of the fruit (Apple)
The river in the USA (Amazonka)
The name of the month (April)
A part of the body (Arm)
The name of the school subject (Algebra)
The capital of the Kazakhstan (Astana)
One of the oceans (Atlantic Ocean)
The famous Kazakh writer (Abai)
A funny story (Anecdote)
A story in the newspaper (Article)
A stupid animal (Ass)
A mathematical term (Axiom)
The first letter of the alphabet (A)
It is harmful for our health (Alcohol)
What cannot we live without? (Air)

Letter B
A little child (Baby)
The name of the fruit (Banana)
A part of the body (Back)
The antonym to the word “good” (Bad)
An object in the classroom (Blackboard)
A kind of the dance (Ballet)
The capital of Germany (Berlin)
The name of the school subject (Biology)
A lake in Kazakhstan (Balkhash)
The room where we sleep (Bedroom)
A person without money and a house (Beggar)
An important day for of all us which happens once every year (Birthday)
A colour (Black)
The member of the family (Brother)
A clever friend of the man (Book)
4. Who is clever?
There are cards with letters. You must choose any cards I’ll ask you a questions.
1. What colour are the crocodiles?
2. What is the biggest animal?
3. How many oceans are there on our planet?
4. What month is it now?
5. What can you see in the fridge?
6. What is the capital of the USA?
7. What is the weather like in Africa?
8. Who discovered America?
9. How old are you?
10. Who is the Prime Minister of Great Britain at present?
11. Who works at school?
12. Who sings the song “Yesterday”?

5. The fifth task of “Do you know?”
There is a table with numerals. You must choose any numeral and I’ll ask you questions

1. Where is Kazakhstan situated? (in Central Asia)
2. At what age do people vote in Kazakhstan? (18)
3. The most popular sport in England (football)
4. “ Romeo and Juliet” was written by… (Shakespeare)
5. What kind of buses are in London? (double - decker)
6. How many oceans are there on our planet? (4)
7. What is the capital of the USA?
8. What is the weather like in Africa?
9. Who discovered America?
10. Who is the Prime Minister of Great Britain at present?
11. The longest river in Great Britain (The Severn)
12. The capital of the USA (Washington)
13. What is the currency of the USA? (Dollar)
14. Who wrote the novel “Abai zholy”? (M. Auezov)

6. “Who is the fastest?”
Make as many new words out of this word:

7. Imagination
1. If I were a millionaire………
2. If I was a president of our country……………..

8. The eighth task is a game “Merry lottery”
The members of each team do different orders such as cry, write
Let’s play!
Drink Sleep Swim
Jump Smile Eat Clap
Fly Sing Clean Break
Run Read Ring Go
Write Sit Cry …

9. Play with spectator
Here are some proverbs you have to find…. Answer should be given in English, Kazakh, Russian
1. All is not…that glitters (gold – алтын – золото)
2. Money spent on the ….. is never spent in vain (brain – ақыл – ум)
3. An …a day keeps the doctor away. (apple – алма - яблоко)
4. Lost … is never found again. (time - уақыт - время)
5. … is power. (knowledge – білім - знание)
6. Better late than … (never – ешқашан - никогда)
7. It is never too … to learn. (late - кеш - поздно)
8. There is no place like… (home – үй - дом)
9. Actions speak louder than … (words – сөздер - слова)
10. A good … makes a good ending (beginning – бастау – начало)
11. East or West home is … (best – жақсы - лучше)
12. The books are our … (friends – достар - друзья)
13. Time is … (money – ақша - деньги)
14. Everything is good in its … (season – мезгіл - сезон)
15. Everyone is a slave of his … (love – махаббат - любовь)
16. Health is above … (wealth – денсаулық – здоровье)
17. Habit is a second… (nature – табиғат - природа)
18. Don’t play with… (fire – от - огонь)
19. Money won’t make you… (happy – бақытты - счастливый)
20. Daughter is a guest of…. (house – үй - дом )

1. What is the highest mountain peak in Kazakhstan? (Khan Tengry)
2. How many parts of the country are situated on the Island of Great Britain? What are they? (3. England, Wales, Scotland)
3. What river is the capital situated on, in Great Britain? (on the Thames)
4. Who is officially the head of the country? (Queen or King)
5. What is the London home of the Queen? (Buckingham Palace)
6. What are the oldest English Universities? (Oxsord and Cambridge Universities)
7. How many people live in Britain? (more than 56 million)
8. Who is the National Hero of Brotain, the defender of the poor people? (Robin Hood)
9. Who was the first president of the USA? (George Washington)
10. Name the days of the week?(Monday……)
11. What holiday celebrated on the 25 th of December in Great Britain?
12. ‘Dandelion’ is an animal or a flower? ( a flower)
13. Who is the author of the novel ‘The way of Abay’? (M. Auezov)
14. What is the symbol of freedom in Kazakhstan? (an eagle)
15. The oldest name of the capital of Kazakhstan?(akmola, tselinograd)
16. When was the Declaration of Independence proclaimed? (16 december 1991)
17. What oceans is the USA washed by? (the anlantic and )
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