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School canteen

Ақтөбе облысы,
Ойыл ауданы, Сапақкөл орта мектебінің
ағылшын тілі мұғалімі Узакбаева Салтанат

The Theme: School canteen
The aims of the lesson:
• To teach pupils to work in the group, to help each other;
• To improve their speaking, understanding and translating;
• To teach pupils to know a lot of vocabulary and grammar;
The form of the lesson: non-traditional
● The type of the lesson: competition
● Methods: explanation, question - answer
● Equipment of the lesson: interactive Board, Projector, slides, placards
● CD- discs with English texts .

I. Warm-up:
II.Phonetic drill
Look at the black-board, you can see phonetic drill.
I will read and you must repeat after me!
Breakfast in the morning.
Dinner in the day.
Tea comes after dinner.
Then comes time to play.
Supper in the evening.
When the sky is red.
Then the days over
And we go to bed!

III. Checking the home task: Now, let’s check your home task.
Ex:17.19 p:72
New words

IV Explaining the themе: Our today’s new theme “School canteen”. Today we must conclude this theme.
I’ll switch on the tape recorder. Listen to the text and be attentive.
Then your task is translate the text. You can see the text in active board.
New words:
Who is the? She is cooker [kukə]- аспазшы.
What is it? It is a tableware [‘teiblweә] - ыдыс-аяқ.
What is that? That is menu [‘m e n j u ] - ас мәзірі.
What is this? This is canteen‘s rule [ru:l] - ереже.

V Explaining the grammar themе: Open your books, on page 72. Last grammar theme of our lesson was “Passive voice”. Let’s remember it’s structure!

to be + Passive participle

A passive verb is a form of be+a passive participle
e.g. is bought, are cleaned, was born, were written
We form negatives and questions in the same way as in the same way as in active sentences.
For example:
Milk isn’t bought by me.
Where is the bread baked?
The room hasn’t been cleaned yet.
Was the book written by you?

VI Practise
Ex3B p73
Complete the sentences
Some children don’t eat………………
They choose …………………

Ex 4 p: 74
Read the sentences and write in column B the correct tense
Column A Column B
Active voice Passive voice
We do exercises. The exercises are done by us. Present Simple
We are doing exercises. The exercises are being done. Present Continuous
We have done exercises. The exercises have been done. Present Perfect
We did exercises yesterday. The exercises were done yesterday Past Simple

Ex 5 p74
Fill in the gaps
1.We believe that human life can be prolonged by this tablet.
2.Further tests will be held soon.
3. The tablet will be called Biotab.
4.But it can’t be taken by the public yet.
5.In future the tablet must be bought by everyone.
6. But of course it should be taken with utmost care

Words you need:
will be called, should be taken, can be prolonged, can’t be taken, must be bought, will be held.

VII Speaking
Now let’s write canteen’s rule!
Put the word instead of picture:

VIII Production

1) The poem I’ve just recited__________ by Abai.
a)written b) was written c)was wrote
2) You can’t use the road. It____________ .
a) has repaired
b) has been repaired
c) is being repaired
3) The work was not difficult. It ____________by and child.
a) should be done
b) could be done
c) could do
4) I’ve lost my key. It __________ in my old bag.
a) must be left
b) should be left
c) will be left
5) The best bread_________ here.
a) is baked
b) baked
c) will bake
6) A lot of work_________ on the project yet.
a) will be do
b) will do
c) is going to be done

Key to test:
1)b 2)c 3)b 4)a 5)a 6)c

IX. Giving the home task: Ex. 6, 11 p. 74-75
X. Conclusion: Now, I‘ll give you marks in form of picture. For the “excellent” – is cake, for the “good” – is hamburger, for the “satisfied” – is eggs.

Good- bye!
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