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Марданова Шынар Жалгасовна

Сабақтың тақырыбы: Ireland
Educational: Cultivate a personality of a student on the basis of human values, train cognitive activity using foreign languages, and develop a sense of tolerance and respect to culture and traditions of people whose language we learn.
Upbringing:Increase students’ inner motivation to learn foreign languages and cultures, develop attention and perception, aural memory, thinking and imagination of children.
Developing:Develop speaking skills Develop listening skills. Improve reading and translating skills

The procedure of the lesson
The teacher’s activity The pupils’ activity
Organization moment:
Good morning pupils!
Ok thank you.
come to the blackboard.
Here I have colours. I ask you to take one of it.
Dividing into groups 1-2-3.
The pupils who had taken green colour go to the 1 st group.
The pupils who had taken white colour go to the 2 nd group.
The pupils who had taken orange colour go to the 3 rd group.
There are four pupils in each group.
Do you know what this colours mean?
It is a flag of one country? Yes it is a flag of Ireland.
As we work in groups, we have to make the rules of a group. I` ll give you a sheet of paper, please write your rules in a group. You` ll be given 3 minutes.
• to be active;
• to be tolerant;
• to be friendly;
• to keep friendly atmosphere;
• to respect each other;
• to agree with somebody`s opinion;
• to listen to each other;
• to do everything together.
The 1st group, if you have finished, please come to the blackboard and write them down.
Other groups if you have another idea or want to add, you are welcome.
Thank you. Pupils write the rules on a sheet of paper.
• Here I have devided the whole text to the 3 part.
The 1st group- Part 1
The 2nd group- Part 2
The 3rd group- Part 3
Read the textvery attentively, in the text we have got adjectives, while reading please circle them. Be ready to give us information. What is said in each part. I’ll give you 5 minutes. Pupils read the text.
• Answer the question:
1. What is the population?
a) 3.5million
b) 13.5million
c) 35million
2. What language do people usually speak?
a) Irish
b) English
c) French
3. What is the climate like?
a) hot and dry
b) cold and snowy
c) rainy and wet.
4. What is the capital?
a) Belfast
Exercise 1 on page 14
I have prepared for you some additional information. Let’s watch.
What have you learned ………… (Слайд шоу).

•What do you know about great Irish writers?
Do you know them?
Who are they?
Do you know their works?
This is Oscar Wilde.
Let’s have a rest.(физ. минутка )
Thank you! P1-P2-P3-P4-P4-P5-P6
I`ll give you extra-tasks about this text.
The 1st group- Part 1- get information about Ireland from the internet.
The 2nd group- Part 2- Draw a poster
The 3rd group- Part 3- tell us about Irish writers.
At the beginning of the lesson I’ll give you to find adjectives from the text.
Have you found?
Now any volunteers to read? Yes. We have found.
Yes May I.
• Now pupils let’s complete the chart.( Write an essay about Ireland)
I had known ------------ I know
Here write
information -------------Write what you
about what we --------- have learned
have known----------- today.
before this lesson.
(I’ll give you 5 minutes)
•I’ll give you sheet of paper do
self assessment. Please Captain of the group give your marks to your group mates.
Pupils complete it.
• Home task
Write brochure about your country. Write notes about these things.
♦ Population
♦ Language
♦ Climate
♦ The Capital
♦ Fun activities.
Good –bye!
The lesson is over. You are free. Good-bye!
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