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Our akyn - Nurlybek Baimuratov

The aims of the competition:
- to enlarge pupil’s knowledge in Literature;
- to educate the respect and interest in Nurlybek’s competition;
- to develop pupil’s abilities in reciting;
- to develop memory and attention.
Interaction: Literature, History, Biology
The visual aids: slides, pictures, a computer, an interactive board, crossword.
The plan of the extra - curricular activity:
1. Opening ceremony of the competition
2. Warm - up. Doing crossword
3. Some facts from Nurlybek’s biography
4. Reciter’s competition
5. Conclusion. Rewarding of the best reciters.
- Dear friends! We are glad to see you at our poetry party “Nurlybek reading”. It is the competition of reciters of Nurlybek’s poetry.
- Dear participants, come to the table and determine your favourite writers and find their poems.
- Let me introduce our jury: ……………………………………………………
- Dear guests of our party! Do you know English well? First, we want to check your English. Let’s do some crosswords. We show parts of body from the picture and you should name them.

N o s e
m o U s e
a R m
е L b o w
е Y e
e y е B r o w
l E g
a n K l e

- Well done! Your knowledge of Biology is good! Now look at the crosswords and read the main word which we have taken.
Pupils: Nurlybek
- That’s right! Second task is to describe Nurlybek. It’s connected with words from the crosswords.
(pupils are describing his appearance)
- As you know, our party is dedicated to the greatest poet of our region Nurlybek. Let’s listen to our speakers. They will say some words about the poet’s biography.
(pupil’s telling about his life)
- Now, we are going to ask each other about his life. Let’s check, is it TRUE or FALSE!

Third task is filling empty lines in a poem. Look at your papers and read the poem by Nurlybek Baimuratov called «Collectivization». You should find the missing word and say it in Kazakh, in Russian and in English.
1. Ат – конь – horse
2. Сиыр – корова – cow
3. Мал – домашние животные – domestic animals
4. Мәдениет – культура – culture
5. Су – вода – water
6. Өлең – песня – song
7. Белсенділік – активность – activity
8. Дұшпан – враг – enemy
1. Болды – было – was
2. Жылап отыр – плачет – crying
3. Көрсет – покажи – show
4. Сұрайды – спросит – ask
5. Жеттік – дошли – got
6. Жаздым – писал – wrote
7. Ойласаңдар – будете думать – will think
8. Туып тұр – рождается – born
1. Жалғыз – один – alone
2. Жас – молодой – young
3. Кәрі – пожилой – old
4. Кедей – бедный – poor
5. Кең – широкий – wide
6. Жақсы – хороший – good
7. Аз – мало – a few
8. Ойлы – мыслящий – thinking
Ok! Fourth task is to draw and write facts from Nurlybek Baimuratov’s life on whatman. It will show your knowledge about him.
(pupils write facts by colouring pencils)
However, you know enough about Nurlybek! It makes me glad, because you should know him as your akyn of Beskaragai region.
Well, dear friends! It’s time to listen to our jury. Attention, please.
Conclusion. Rewarding of the best reciters.
- Our party is over. Thank you for taking an active part in it. Good bye!
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