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7-ші сыныптар үшін БЖБ және ТЖБ

Summative assessment for the unit “Clothes and Fashion”

Learning objectives
7. 4. 2. 1 understand specific information and detail in texts on a range of familiar general and curricular topics;
7. 5. 1. 1 plan, write, edit and proofread work at text level with some support on a range of general and curricular topics;

Assessment criteria • Identify specific information and detail in texts
• Plan, write, edit and proofread the work at text level with some support
Level of thinking skills Understanding Application
Duration 20 minutes

Task 1. Read the text and complete the task marking the sentences True, False or Not given http://visitkazakhstan. kz/en/about/77/ adapted

Kazakh National wear
For centuries, Kazakh national clothes were simple and rational. It was characterized by common forms for all segments of the population, but with a certain social and age regulations. Elegance and beautiful elements to dresses were given by fur trim, embroidery, and jewelry. Traditional materials for the clothes were fur, thin felt, cloth, which was produced by the local population. Clothes sewed from imported materials – silk, velvet, brocade were a kind of wealth of their owners. Kazakhs have always valued animal skins and furs as sewing material. Coats, or so called Tons, were sewed from animal skins, and fur coats, such as Shash were sewed from furred animals, which were perfectly suitable for weather conditions in Kazakh Steppes. Outerwear was prepared from skins and furs of wild and domestic animals, according to the names of which, clothes were called: Zhanat tone - a coat of raccoon fur, Kara tulki ton - of a black fox fur, Kamshat boryk - a beaver hat, Bota ton - a coat from camel skin, Zhargak tone - from a foal skin, etc. Many kinds of clothing were made from felt. Predominantly white coat was used for its production, and thin fur from sheep's neck was considered particularly valuable.
Example: Kazakh national clothes were unusual and expensive. False
1. Local population is interested in producing clothes. ______
2. Furred animals were used for sewing Tons, Shash and Bota ton. ______
3. Thin fur from sheep’s neck was very high - priced. ______
4. Women’s clothes were similar to that of men: similar jackets, waistcoats, gowns, wide leather belts. ______
5. Kazakh national clothes were suitable for weather conditions in Kazakh Steppe. ______
Task 2. Write an essay on the theme “My favourite clothes”.
Use basic conjunctions for your essay:
• Then, next, after that, or, because, so, as, when, where, until.

Plan of an essay

1. What do you usually wear?
2. Why do you like your clothes?
3. What are your favourite clothes?

Look at the example that is given below.
Example of essay
My name is Ayana. I’m 13 years old and I’m a 7th grade pupil. I don’t have many clothes, only the most necessary items. I have some black skirts and white shirts. Because they are my regular school uniform. I also have some jeans and T - shirts, which I often wear when I go for a walk with friends. Last month my mum bought me a pair of party dresses for special occasions, and I really like them. I also have some sports clothes, which I wear for PE (Physical Education) lessons.
For winter time I have several sweatshirts and a warm coat. As for shoes, I have a pair of flat black shoes matching my school uniform, a pair of sneakers for sports activities, and a pair of boots. When I was a bit younger I used to like casual jeans and sportswear.
At the moment, my favourite clothes are dresses. I like all types of dresses: summer sarafans, triangle - shaped dresses, polka dot dresses, lace or cotton dresses and so on. I know that jeans and a shirt is a much more comfortable wear, but dresses look gorgeous. As I’ve said I have only a pair of classic shoes without heels. So I would like to have another pair of dress shoes with low heels and sparkly elements.

Assessment criteria Task Descriptor Mark
A learner
Identify specific information and detail in texts
1 1. chooses ‘True’ 1
2. chooses ‘False’ 1
3. chooses ‘True’ 1
4. chooses ‘Not given’ 1
5. chooses ‘True’ 1
Plan, write, edit and proofread the work at text level with some support 2 writes an essay according to the plan; 1
uses wide range of grammar, conjunctions and linking words
uses appropriate vocabulary 1
links ideas clearly 1
spells the words correctly 1
Total marks 10
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