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Ағылшын тілінен 8-сыныпқа ҚМЖ үлгісі

Approved: __________Date: _______
The theme Diagnostic test
The aims of the lesson: • To review vocabulary and grammar of 7th grade programme;
• To check their possibility to use grammar accurately;
• Individual feedback.
Objectives 1. Organization moment
2. Warm - up
3. Team work “Grammar reference”
4. Individual work “Diagnostic test”
5. Pair work “Corrections”
6. Reflection 2 min
5 min
8 min
20 min
7 min
3 min
The expected result
 Students will review vocabulary and grammar of 7th grade programme;
 Students’ possibility to use grammar accurately will be checked;
 Students will be able to work individually.
The main idea - Create “Word bank”
- Diagnostic test
- Working out: understanding the implication of a question and do corrections.
Assessment 1. Learning/ Response logs (collect vocabulary and compose their thoughts)
2. Individual whiteboards (write down got points (for example (25/15)
Homework Work with mistakes
I. Organization moment
a. Greeting
b. Warm - up
• Write as more words as possible (words learnt during 7th grade)
o Eating
o Education
o Fauna and flora of Kazakhstan and Great Britain
o English – speaking countries
• Change their papers and ask them to explain or make sentences according to the given words. If they have any problem with translation, let them look up words in the dictionary.
• Teach them new way of assessing their knowledge: Learning/ Response logs. This is one of formative assessing methods. They can write notes or just get a new notebook and collect vocabulary and compose their thoughts on it.
c. Divide the class into several groups
II. Main part
Step 1: Team work “Grammar reference”
- Remind the grammar:
o Tenses
Step 2: Individual work “Diagnostic test”
1. Choose the right item:

1. You are not good at maths, ______________ you?
a) aren't b) are c) were
2. I will wear jeans to the party if my mother ___________________ them.
a) buy b) will buy c) buys
3. When Jenny rang up, her brother ______________ a shower in the bathroom.
a) was taking b) took c) will take
4. I don't know when he ______________ to us.
a) comes b) will come c) come
5. Andy, _______________ you hear the train now?
a) do b) are c) did
6. Wilson never listens to ___________________.
a) everybody b) anybody c) nobody
7. The Browns don't know my e - mail address and I don't know ____________.
a) they b) their c) theirs
8. Jack, you ______________ swim in the river. The water is very cold.
a) must b) may c) mustn't
2. Complete the disjunctive questions:
1. California is famous for its beaches, _________________?
2. The Browns live in a beautiful house, ________________?
3. He never comes home late, _______________?
4. I am going to Scotland in summer, ____________?
5. Pauline didn't know that boy, _____________?
6. Mother saw us in the street, ______________?
7. it is not raining now, _______________?
8. We must get up early tomorrow, _________________?
9. Nina could read books at six years old, _____________?
10. These are not warm, _____________________?
3. Article a/an or no article:
1. Jason is such ______ brave boy!
2. It is such ______ cold water!
3. Where can I find such ______ easy texts?
4. It is such ______ wonderful weather!
5. It is such ______ important news!
4. Complete the text:
Jean - Claud van Damme is a famous actor. When he (be) ____________ a child, he (take) ____________ ballet lessons, (win) ___________ different ballet competitions. Then a Paris ballet company (give) ___________ him a job as a dancer, but he (decide) ____________ he (want) ____________ (work) ____________ in films, so he (take not) _________________ the job. Instead, he (go) ___________ to the USA. In 1981 he (travel) _____________ to Hollywood. He (have) ___________ English lessons and (work) _____________ for a pizza house. That was how he (make) ____________ money. One night he (meet) _____________ a film producer outside the restaurant. "Hello, I (be) __________ Jean - Claud van Damme, " he (say) ____________. "I (be) ____________ an actor soon." The producer (believe not) ________________ him then. And he (be) _____________ wrong. Now there are few people in the world who (know not) _________________ this actor.

Resource: http://nsportal. ru/shkola/inostrannye - yazyki/angliiskiy - yazyk/library/2013/09/16/vkhodnoy - test - dlya - 8 - klassa - po - umk - ov
Step 3: Pair work “Corrections”
- They can check their work themselves or change with his/ her partner and put points.
- Individual whiteboards (write down got points (for example (25/15)
III. Conclusion
What was easy for you? What was difficult for you? Why was it difficult?
How can you solve this problem?
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