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Ералина Жарқын Мұхитовна

Library is a house full of treasure called knowledge. Each book of library is significant part of it’s special atmosphere, exactly this atmosphere encourages people to read more, to learn a lot of things and to catch the euphoria of magic world. Library’s silent creates harmony between our soul and mind, unique smell and pleasant sound of paging books let us forget our routine and to get into the world without problems.

Since ancient times, intelligent people developed themselves by reading books, moreover they rated each others by demonstrating their vastness of library and quality of collected books. But we should not forget that existence of knowledge acquired from reading one book is better than unnecessary dusty pile of books, because your real knowledge will be shown not in your bookcase, it will be noticed in your behavior, speech and self - expression. Consequently, if you want to be respectable among your social community and to achieve your purposes you should become regularly visitor of library. Actually, library can satisfy everyone’s preferences, because even the little school’s library has variable diversity of book genres as scientific, fantasy, classic, historical and etc. Each of them has own specific benefits and certain influence on reader, but there are some general ones thanks for which you will acquire widen horizon of knowledge, acceptable behavior, sensitive character, rich vocabulary and good sense of humor.

Library is palace connecting past and future, portal connecting reality and imagination, bridge connecting our brain and heart. Expression of Erasmus which sounds as "The book will comfort the lonely, and the library will shelter the homeless" is very meaningful, for the reason that books can help to people in everything - in all their endeavors, doubts and searches. Therefore, we can surely say that the only thing you absolutely have to know is location of the library, anything else becomes available for you after coming here.
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