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Let's Play

The theme of the lesson: Unit 6. Lesson 5. Let’s play
The aims of the lesson:
a) educational:
to explain the new materials, to consolidate students knowledge concerning
the theme
b) breeding: to increase students interest to English
c) developing
to develop students abilities and skills in monologue speech through asking and answering questions. Doing of different exercises. To develop the students speaking.
The type of the lesson: Competition and Revision lesson
The visual aids: Presentation, cards with pictures, interactive board, balloons.
The methods of the lesson: Asking and answering, reading and speaking.
Procedure of the lesson
I. Organization moment
- Good afternoon pupils!
- Good afternoon teacher!
- How are you?
- I’m fine. And you?
- I’m very well.
- Who is on duty today?
- Who is absent today?
- What day and date is it today?
II. W a r m u p
Months of the year sing a song.
- Now, children look at the interactive board and sing a song.
III. Checking up the homework
Learn by heart the words
Who wants’ to say the words. Who else?

IY. Presentation of the Lesson:
- Divide the class into two groups:
The first group
The second group
- Today we’ll have competition lesson. We are going repeat all the materials. So, the aim of our lesson is to get as mush.
- - I’ll give stars, squares, rounds and they show your marks
Red star – excellent
Green square – good
Yellow round – satisfied
Y. Grammar:
There is / there are құрылымы ағылшын тілінде жиі қолданылады.
There is - айтушыға белгісіз бір заттың немесе біреудің тұрған жерін оқиғаның болатын уақытын білдіреді.
Мысалы: There is a book on the table. Үстелдің үстінде кітап бар.
There are – дәл осылай, бірақ мұнда зат біреу емес одан көп.
Мысалы: There are three windows in the class room. Сыныпта үш терезе бар.
YI. Work with book.
- Children open your books and answer the question.

I group
1. What is this? It’s a theatre
2. Unscramble: ookshopb (bookshop)
3. I like feeding ducks
4. What’s this? It’s a sheep
5. How do you go to school? I go to school by bus. (car, metro)
6. What building is this? Where is it? It’s Baiterek. It’s in Astana.

II group
1. What’s this? It’s a sheep.
2. What building this? Where is it? It’s Beg Ben. It’s in the London.
3. Make the correct the sentence: I like helping my mother.
4. Unscramble: strolleybu Trolleybus
5. Do you go to school by tram or by bus?

Sing a song Head, shoulders, knees and toes.

YII. Work with active book
- Pupils open your Activity book and doing exercise.

Exercise: 1 Listen and put the Tick in the right box.

1. Hi! My name is Alua. I go to school by car.
2. Hello. I’m Steve. I go to school by metro.
3. Good afternoon. My name is Batyr. I walk to school.
4. Good morning. I’m Jane. I go to school by trolleybus.

Exercise: 2 Match and complete.
Оқушылар сөйлемлерді берілген үлгіге сүйене отырып аяқтауға және тиісті суретке қарай сәйкестендіруілері тиіс.

Exercise: 3. Finish the sentences.

1. I like sleeping. 2. I like jumping. 3. I like singing. 4. I like helping my grandmother. 5. I like reading books. I like watching TV.

Exercise: 4. Answer.
Оқушылар сұрақтарға жауап беруі тиіс. Оқушылардан қысқа жауап беруді сұраңыз.
Example: Is there a big hospital in your city? – Yes, there is/there are

Exercise: 5 Make questions. Оқушылар сөздерді дұрыс ретімен орналастырулары тиіс.

1. Is there the metro in your city?
2. Are there any parks in your city?
3. Is there a river in your village?

YIII. Giving up marks
P1 - P2 - P3 - P4 - P5
X. Giving up homework
Your home work is Ex: 5 Make questions.
Оқушылар сөздерді дұрыс ретімен орналастырулары тиіс.

XI. The end of the lesson:
The lesson is over, you are free, thank you very much, good bye, pupils!

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Theme: Let’s play
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2017 year
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