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Theme: «Whatever the Weather…» («У природы нет плохой погоды»)

Theme: «Whatever the Weather…» («У природы нет плохой погоды»)
The aim of the lesson: To practice pupils in oral speech, То develop pupils thoughts, oral speech. To teach to be friendly
The visual aids: Activboard, pictures, cards, new words
The Outline of the lesson
Teacher (T:): Good-morning, dear pupils! I’m glad to see you! The theme of our lesson today is «WHATEVER THE WEATHER…». People speak about weather every day. They like to speak about it in England too. The weather is so changeable there so the English often say “We have no climate”. The English also say that they have three variants of weather: when it rains in the afternoon, when it rains in the morning and when it rains all day long. Sometime it rains so heavily that they say ‘It’s raining cats and dogs’. But the weather is not so dreadful in England. There are four seasons in the year. What seasons are there in the year? Who knows?
Pupil: They are Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
T: That’s right! Do all these seasons have different kinds of weather?
P: Yes, of course!
T: Let’s talk about it today. Our conversation will be unusual. You are divided into two teams. Each team has got its own name: “The Snowflakes” and “The Suns”. We are going to overwhelm seven competitions:
I. “Greeting.”
II. “Who Has Got More Rays?”
III. “What Is the Weather Like In Your House?”
IV. “Find The Words.”
V. “This Is the Season…”
VI. “If…”
VII. “My favorite Season.”

(Конкурс «Приветствие». Команды должны поприветствовать друг друга)
P1: - Hello, “The Suns”!
P2: - Hi, “The Snowflakes”! Nice to see you today!
P3: - Nice to see you too! We have got an idea. Look here, the weather is marvelous today. Why not go to the park and play in the snow?
P4: - As for me? I don’t like such weather. It’s cold and frosty.
P5: - But I like winter and snow. You can make a snowman, ski or skate. It’s so wonderful!
P6: - I like when it is snowing. But you can not go for a walk. It’s frosty and windy.
P7: - Why not? I like when the frost pinches my cheeks and nose. It is true.
P8: - But as for me my favorite season is Summer. The weather is hot. You can fish or go to the beach.
P9: - As for me I like Autumn. Sweet, fruit… Tasty vegetables… It’s wonderful! People call Autumn rainy season. I like rain. You can stay at home, listen to music or read books.
P10: - But I think Spring is the best season. It is marvelous when the sun is shining, the birds are singing. Grass and trees are green. The Nature wakes up.
T: I want to add some words. As for me I think that all four seasons are wonderful in itself.
Spring is green.
Summer is bright.
Autumn is yellow.
Winter is white.
“Who Has Got More Rays?”
(Каждой команде дается набор из 20 слов, из которых они должны выбрать лексически единицы по теме (всего 8) и разместить их на лучах солнца и снежинки соответственно. Победителем является тот, у кого не останется лучей без слов.)
Задание (для 2-х команд):
1. breakfast
2. son
3. weather
4. white
5. cloud
6. best
7. mother
8. sun
9. green
10. are 1. speak
2. forecast
3. snow
4. marvelous
5. dog
6. competition
7. changeable
8. play
9. jeans
10. snow
“What Is the Weather Like In Your House?”
(Каждой команде дается определенный набор букв, из которых нужно составить по 5 слов.)
fmlversulo hclnabegea
ofecrtsa ussnnihe
dreadful tlerbrei
yolevl ylcdou
ewtareh teharwe
Команда I
1. marvelous – изумительный
2. forecast – прогноз
3. dreadful – ужасный
4. lovely – удивительный
5. weather - погода

Команда II
1. changeable – изменчивый
2. sunshine – солнечный свет
3. terrible – ужасный
4. cloudy – облачно
5. weather - погода
“Find The Words.”
(Каждой команде предлагается решить чайнворд, а из оставшихся букв составить ключевое слово.)
1. грязь
2. туман
3. холодный
4. солнце
5. мороз
6. прогноз
7. теплый
8. дождь
9. ветер
10. снег

w    d    f    t    w    e    s
i    n    o    s    a    r    u
f    w    r    a    a    m    n
o    g    e    c    s    m    u
r    a    i    n    n    t    d
f    s    t    h    o    w    e
r    o    r    c    o    l    d
m    u    d    c    s    f    f
f    o    g    o    u    r    o
w    w    t    l    n    o    r
e    i    n    d    e    s    e
s    n    d    h    n    t    c
w    o    r    a    i    r    a
a    w    a    r    m    t    s

Ответ: weather – погода
“This Is the Season…”
(Конкурс стихов. Учащиеся рассказывают стихотворения о природе, погоде и т. п., изученные на уроках.)
(Предлагается каждой команде по 5 ситуаций, которые они должны продолжить.)
T: We have talked about four seasons and different kinds of weather. We have learnt that the weather may be lovely and marvelous, warm and hot, dreadful and

awful. It depends on each season. What do people do in such weather? What do you think about their occupation?
Команда I
1.If the weather is fine …
2.If it is snowy and frosty tomorrow …
3.If there is rain tomorrow …
4.If it is clear up tomorrow …
5.If there is fog … Команда II
1.If the weather is dreadful …
2.If it is warm and sunny …
3.If there is snow tomorrow …
4.If it freezes tomorrow …
5.If there is storm …
Предполагаемые ответы учащихся:
1.… my friends and I go for a walk.
2.… I’ll put on warm clothes.
3.… I’ll stay at home and listen to the music.
4.… my father will fish.
5.… my father won’t drive the car.
6.… I won’t cycle in the street.
7.… my friend and I will go to the beach.
8.… I’ll make a snowman in the park.
9.… we’ll play hockey.
10.… I won’t watch TV.
“My favorite Season.”
(Конкурс капитанов «Мое любимое время года», можно задать несколько вопросов.)
1.What seasons do you know?
2.Does it snow in winter?
3.What are spring month?
4.December is a winter month, isn’t it?
5.What is your favorite season?
6.Can we see snow in summer?
7.Do you like summer?
8.In autumn is often rainy, isn’t it?
9.What games do we play in winter?
10. What do you do in summer?
T:Children, I don’t like cold and frosty weather. I hate wearing warm clothes. I prefer sitting at home and doing something. But I like warm and sunny weather. And what about you?
T:And now let’s count your points and define the winner. Let’s listen to our jury. (Подведение итогов. Награждение победителей.)
T:Let’s sing the song about weather and our lesson “The North Wind Doth Blow.” (Учащиеся поют песню)
The north wind doth blow,
And we shall have snow.
And what will poor Robin do then,
Poor thing.
He’ll sit in a barn
And keep himself warm.
And hide his head under his wing,
Poor thing.

T:Today we’ve revised the words and sentences about the weather. We’ve told about “IF” sentences. Your marks for today are…
Our lesson-game is over. You may be free. Good bye. See you later.
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