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Comparative degree


Objectives: 1. Work on grammar material and vocabulary;
2. Develop their reading, writing and speaking habits and skills;
Enlarge ss’ word – stock;
3. Bring up ss’ interest by doing several exercises
Methods: The game “The Golden Gate”
Material Ex 4, 7 p 75
Lesson procedure.

I. Organization moment
Greeting with the pupils

II. Doing the following tasks.
Today, pupils our lesson will be unusual, because we’ll play the game “The Golden Gate”. Do you know this game? Have you ever heard?
It has three doors and the golden box. (Magic box).
And our theme we’ll be about adjectives mainly about degrees of adjectives.
How many degrees do you know?
Three degrees of adjectives: positive, comparative, superlative.
Now, let’s remember. We use suffixes: er - the est. more, the most, better the best, worse, the worst.
But before beginning our lesson let’s take our today’s lesson’s slogan.
Good, better, best
Never, never rest
Till your good is better
And your better best.
Let’s read all together. By the way it’s also the slogan of English pupils.
Now, we’ve taken our slogan and I wish you good luck. Let’s begin.
Look at the blackboard. The first of door is a stone door. It has some tasks, if we do we’ll the door will open.

Task 3. Complete sentences using comparative and superlative form of adjectives.
Big, tall, cold, large, popular
1. Bob’s garden isn’t very big. Your garden is _____ than Bob’s (bigger)
2. It was a very cold day. It was _____ of the year. (The coldest)
3. You aren’t very tall. Your brother is _____ than you. (Taller)
4. Britain isn’t very large. France is _____ than Britain. (Large)
5. Sydney is a very popular city. It’s _____ in Australia. (The largest)
We’ve opened the stone door.

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